10 Best After Effects Lyrics Video Templates (My Favorites)

Summary: In today's article, I'm excited to share with you some of the best After Effects lyrics video templates I found very helpful in elevating your videos. Here are my top 3 picks:

If you're looking to add some flair to your videos with captivating lyrics, you've come to the right place. Join me as I delve into the world of the best After Effects lyric video templates. These templates offer a seamless way to enhance your videos with dynamic visuals that synchronize perfectly with your music. Let's explore together and discover the perfect templates to bring your lyrics to life!

1. Pretty Lyrics Template

  • Length: 2:03
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 182MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Cartoon, Doodle, Drawing, Hand Drawn, Lyrics, Memories, Motion Elements, Music, Music Lyrics, Romantic, Scribble, Song, Summer.

2. Template for Lyrics

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 3.4MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Colorful, Comics, Karaoke, Lyrics, Lyrics Template, Music, Music Lyrics, Romantic, Song Lyrics, Story, Text, Titles, Typo, Typography, Wedding.

3. Lyrics Template

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 442MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Album, Anniversary, Family, Gallery, Inspire, Love, Lyrics, Memories, Music, Photo, Romantic, Song, Story, Valentine, Wedding.

4. Lyric Video Maker

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 3.87GB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: 2d, 2d Animation, 2d Maker, 2d Packages, 2d Toolkit, Animated Cartoon, Anime, Arts, Backgrounds, Cartoon, Clip, Comic, Comics, Credits, Design.

5. Video Lyric

  • Length: 1:24
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 288MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Action, Animation, Artist, Caption, Cinematic, Concert, Customizable, Demo, Dynamic, Edit, Energy, Entertainment, Epic, Event, Fast Edit.

6. Lyric Slideshow

  • File Size: 87.3MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Slideshow, Lyric, Mood, Confession, Family, Travel, Blog, Transitions, Hand-Drawn, Presentations, Smooth, Intro, Opener, Colorful, Modular.

7. Lyric Video Template 3

  • File Size: 31.5MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Brush, Brush Splatters, Brush Strokes, Karaoke, Lifestyle, Lyric Video, Lyric Video Maker, Lyrics, Lyrics Template, Lyrics Video, Music, Music Video, Paint, Song, Typography.

8. Cartoon Lyric Titles

  • File Size: 2.04MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Autumn, Beauty, Cartoon, Colorful, Family, Hand-Drawn, Love Confession, Lyric, Mood, Music Videos, Presentations, Slideshow, Text Animation, Titles, Transitions.

9. Lyric Video Template

  • File Size: 274MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Karaoke, Lifestyle, Lyric Video, Lyric Video Maker, Lyrics, Lyrics Template, Lyrics Video, Memories, Music, Music Titles, Music Video, Song, Song Lyrics, Typography, Wedding.

10. 2d Lyric Titles

  • File Size: 5.46MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: 2d, Beauty, Cartoon, Fun, Instagram, Liquid, Lyric, Personal Brand, Splash, Stories, Summer, Titles, Transitions, Water, Youtube.

Want more lyrics video templates?

Browse and download tons of After Effects templates!

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  • On Envato, you can get unlimited downloads of thousands of video templates just with 1 subscription.
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  • They have literally millions of stock videos, photos, templates, music and much more!
So go ahead and check it out, I’m sure you will find the perfect template there.

Why use lyrics video templates?

  • Professional Quality: After Effects lyrics video templates offer professional-grade designs and animations, ensuring high-quality visuals for your lyric videos.
  • Time-saving: These templates streamline the process of creating lyric videos, saving you valuable time by providing pre-designed elements and animations.
  • Customization: With a range of customizable options, you can tailor the templates to match the style and tone of your music, making them versatile for various genres and themes.
  • Ease of Use: Even for beginners, After Effects templates offer user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, allowing anyone to create impressive lyric videos with minimal effort.
  • Consistency: Using templates ensures consistency across your lyric videos, maintaining a cohesive visual identity for your music brand or channel.
  • Creative Flexibility: While templates provide a foundation, they also allow for creative freedom, enabling you to add personal touches and unique elements to your lyric videos.
  • Engagement: Dynamic animations and eye-catching visuals created with After Effects templates can enhance viewer engagement, keeping audiences captivated throughout the duration of the video.
  • Professional Presentation: By utilizing After Effects templates, you can present your music and lyrics in a polished and professional manner, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: These templates offer opportunities for storytelling through visuals, complementing the lyrics and enhancing the overall narrative of your music.
  • Cost-effective: Investing in After Effects templates can be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring a professional designer or animator for each lyric video, especially for independent musicians or small music labels.

TOP places: where to find more video templates

What are lyrics video templates usually used for?

  • Music Promotion: After Effects lyrics video templates are commonly used to promote music releases on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and social media, offering a visually engaging way to showcase the song's lyrics alongside the music.
  • Karaoke Videos: These templates are ideal for creating karaoke-style videos, allowing viewers to sing along with the lyrics as they appear on the screen, enhancing the karaoke experience.
  • Concert Visuals: Lyric videos created with After Effects templates can be projected onto screens during live performances, adding a dynamic visual element to concerts and music events.
  • Social Media Content: Artists and musicians often use lyric video templates to create shareable content for their social media channels, engaging their audience with visually appealing lyric videos.
  • Fan Engagement: Lyric videos can be shared with fans as exclusive content, helping to build a deeper connection with the audience and increase engagement with the music.
  • Educational Content: After Effects lyric video templates can also be used for educational purposes, such as teaching language pronunciation or memorization through song lyrics.
  • Wedding Videos: Couples may use lyric video templates to create personalized wedding videos featuring their favorite song lyrics, adding a romantic touch to their special day.
  • Memorial Tributes: Lyric videos can be used to create heartfelt tributes or memorial videos, honoring loved ones with meaningful music and lyrics.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Brands and businesses may utilize lyric videos to promote products or services, incorporating catchy music and lyrics to enhance their marketing campaigns.
  • Vlogs and Blogs: Content creators often integrate lyric videos into their vlogs or blog posts to add visual interest and convey messages in a creative and engaging way.


Creating stunning lyric videos with After Effects templates has never been easier, thanks to the plethora of amazing options available. Whether you prefer a polished and professional look or something more minimalist and cleaner, there's a template that suits your style perfectly. It's your chance to make your videos stand out and captivate your audience. And if you ever find yourself unsure about which template to choose, just keep exploring After Effects lyrics video options until you discover the ideal match for your project. Let your creativity flow and enjoy the process of crafting something truly extraordinary!



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