10 After Effects Sports Templates (My Favorites)

Summary: In this article, I've made a selection of the ten best After Effects sports templates that, in my opinion, can significantly enhance your ability to produce captivating sports-related content. Join me as we explore my top three picks from the list:

In this journey, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the best After Effects sports templates that have personally transformed the way I bring sports-related stories to life. Whether you're a passionate sports enthusiast or a content creator looking to capture the energy of the game, these templates are your winning playbook. Together, we'll explore how these templates can make your sports videos more dynamic, engaging, and memorable, connecting you with your audience on a whole new level.

1. Sports Video Opener

  • Length: 0:36
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 72MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Action, Promo, Athlete, Baseball, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Commercial, Dynamic, Energy, Exercise, Extreme, Fighter, Fitness, Model, Gym.

2. Sports Promo

  • Length: 0:26
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 101MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Action, Dynamic, Energy, Event, Extreme Trailer, Glitch, Intro, Motivational, Opener, Party, Promo, Sport Promo, Sport Trailer, Trailer.

3. Fitness & Sports Animation Icons

  • File Size: 12.5MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Animated, Animation, Bodymovin, Creative, Design, Explainer Video, Flat, Icons, Line, Lottie, Outline, Presentation, Thin, Concept, Template.

4. Extreme Sports

  • Length: 0:54
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 19.6MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: 4×4, Action, Brush, Event, Extreme, Grunge, Motivation, Offroad, Opener, Promo, Motorbike, Slideshow, Speed, Sport, Titles.

5. Sports Opener Intro

  • Length: 0:14
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 780MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: 3D, Broadcast, Circle, Cricket Opener, Fantastic, Football Opener, Logo, Modern, Opener, Reveal, Soccer, Sphere, Sting, Technology, Tile.

6. Dynamic Sports Intro

  • Length: 0:22
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 8MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Action, Advertising, Broadcast, Commercial, Dynamic, Fast, Opener, Positive, Promo Video, Sport Event, Sport Motivational, Street, Vlog Intro, Workout Videos, Youtube.

7. Sports Icons

  • File Size: 5.34MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Animated Icon, Animated Icons, Flat Design Icons, Flat Icons, Icon, Icon Animation, Icon Design, Icon Set, Icons, Infographic, Infographics, Promotion, Running Icon, Sport, Sport Flat Icons.

8. Sports Promo

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • File Size: 84.1MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Sport, Action, Broadcast, Channel, Cinematic, Clean, Dynamic, Energy, Epic, Event, Fast, Fitness, Gym, Hip-Hop, Intro

9. Posters Sports

  • Length: 1:00
  • File Size: 145MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: 2d, 3d, Abstract, Animation, Art, Background, Backgrounds, Broadcast, Business, Corporate, Counter, Dynamic, Facebook, Flat, Gaming.

10. Sports Reel

  • Length: 0:48
  • File Size: 40.6MB
  • Supports: After Effects
  • Tags: Action, Boxing, Competition, Credit, Demo Reel, Energy, Event, Glitch, Minimalist, Motivation, Race, Show, Sports Promo, Title, Trailer.

Want more sports templates?

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Why use sports templates?

Using sports templates can greatly enhance the presentation and communication of sports-related content. These templates are specifically designed to capture the dynamic and competitive nature of sports, making them ideal for creating engaging visual content. Whether it's for team announcements, game schedules, player statistics, or sports event promotions, these templates provide a visually appealing and organized way to display information. They often come with elements like vibrant colors, athletic fonts, and imagery that resonate with sports themes, ensuring that the content not only looks professional but also aligns with the energy and spirit of sports. Additionally, sports templates save time and effort as they are pre-designed and easily customizable, allowing creators to focus more on the content rather than the design aspects. This is particularly beneficial for coaches, sports marketers, and content creators who regularly need to communicate with fans, team members, or a broader audience. By using sports templates, they can effectively convey the excitement and passion of sports, while maintaining a consistent and professional look across all their communications.

TOP places: where to find more video templates

What are sports video templates usually used for?

  • Highlight Reels: Editors use sports video templates to showcase the best moments and plays from various sporting events, creating a captivating summary of the action.
  • Team Introductions: Broadcasters and video creators employ these templates to create dynamic introductions for sports teams or individual players, enhancing their presentation.
  • Event Promotions: Marketing teams utilize sports video templates to craft visually appealing advertisements and promotional content for upcoming sporting events.
  • Motivational Content: Coaches and content creators produce motivational videos using sports templates to inspire athletes and fans alike, leveraging the power of visual storytelling.
  • Sports Brands: Sports-related companies build brand recognition and engagement by using these templates for creating compelling video content that resonates with their audience.
  • Training and Coaching: Trainers and coaches produce informative training and coaching videos with these templates, making complex techniques easier to understand and visually appealing.
  • Sports News: News broadcasters enhance their sports news segments with eye-catching graphics provided by sports video templates, making the news more engaging and dynamic.
  • Social Media: Content creators share engaging sports content on various social media platforms using these templates, capitalizing on their visual appeal to attract more viewers.
  • Fan Engagement: Sports teams and organizers connect with fans through visually engaging videos made with these templates, fostering a stronger community and fan base.
  • YouTube Channels: Youtubers enhance their content with captivating visuals provided by sports video templates, attracting and retaining more subscribers.


For those of us passionate about sports and video production, the world of After Effects sports templates offers an exciting opportunity to elevate our sports-related content. These templates have revolutionized the way we present athletic feats, motivational messages, event promotions, and much more. Whether your style is high-energy and dynamic or clean and minimalist, there's a template perfectly suited to your vision. It's your chance to capture the essence of sports, engage your audience, and stand out in the realm of sports content creation. And remember, if you ever find yourself unsure about which templates to use, there's a vast array of After Effects sports templates waiting to help you find your personal favorite. Enjoy the creative process, and let's score some winning shots together!



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