26 All-time Best Canva Fonts Every Designer Needs to Know

Summary: Today, I've done the job for you: from all the Canva fonts, I‘ve handpicked 26 of my absolute favorites which are, in my opinion, evergreen. And these are my top three choices:

  • Recoleta – Perfect blend of retro and modern, that brings a touch of class and nostalgia.
  • Nectarine – Playful and energetic. Great for designs that aim to be bold and contemporary.
  • Brown Sugar – Irresistibly attractive, sophisticated, chic and elegant font.

Sometimes I’m able to get lost for hours browsing though the amazing and various fonts on Canva. And even though it’s fun, sometimes it can also get overwhelming – especially if you’re looking for something specific. That’s why I came up with this article, where I’ll show you 26 of my absolute all-time-favorite Canva fonts ant hopefully help you make your selection.

These fonts are not mere carriers of text; they are the quintessence of style that elevates the visual narrative. Whether for branding, invitations, or digital content, these fonts are here to make your designs not just seen but felt. Ready to explore these typographic treasures? Let’s begin the journey!

TOP 26 best Canva fonts

  1. Recoleta – Canva Premium
  2. Nectarine – Free
  3. Brown Sugar – Free
  4. Cheque – Free
  5. Oregano – Free
  6. The Seasons – Free
  7. Bangers – Free
  8. Wednesday – Canva Premium
  9. Quiche Stencil – Canva Premium
  10. Great Vibes – Free
  11. Sego – Free
  12. Stars & Love – Free
  13. Giaza – Free
  14. Monoton – Free
  15. Celandine – Free
  16. Black Mango – Free
  17. Sergio Trendy – Free
  18. Magz – Free
  19. Goudy – Canva Premium
  20. Josefin Slab – Free
  21. Ahsing – Free
  22. Catchy Mager – Free
  23. Kare – Canva Premium
  24. Higuen Elegant – Free
  25. Olivia – Canva Premium
  26. Coterie – Free

1. Recoleta

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: A retro yet modern font, perfect for nostalgic branding and headings that require a touch of elegance and warmth.

2. Nectarine

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for playful and energetic designs, Nectarine works well in informal contexts like children's books or creative advertisements.

3. Brown Sugar

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Brown Sugar is a sleek, modern serif font with elegant curves, ideal for sophisticated branding, editorial design, or any project requiring a chic, upscale feel.

4. Cheque

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: With its clean and geometric lines, Cheque is great for minimalist and modern designs, particularly in tech or fashion branding.

5. Oregano

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Oregano is a whimsical script font with playful curves, perfect for casual designs like greeting cards, cafe menus, or any project needing a retro touch.

6. The Seasons

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: A versatile font that adapts well to various themes, making it suitable for seasonal event invitations, greeting cards, or promotional materials.

7. Bangers

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: An attention-grabbing, comic book-style font, Bangers is ideal for bold headlines, fun advertisements, or youthful, energetic branding.

8. Wednesday

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Elegant and mysterious, Wednesday is perfect for fashion and lifestyle brands, adding sophistication to logos, magazine layouts, or luxury branding.

9. Quiche Stencil

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: A decorative, high-contrast font, Quiche Stencil works well for elegant, upscale branding or editorial designs where a distinctive typeface is needed.

10. Great Vibes

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: This flowing, script font is ideal for wedding invitations, personal branding, or any design that requires a touch of romantic elegance.

11. Sego

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Sego's modern, sleek style makes it perfect for corporate branding, tech startups, or any design that demands a contemporary, clean look.

12. Stars & Love

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Whimsical and playful, this font is great for children's books, party invitations, or any design needing a fun, friendly touch.

13. Giaza

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Suited for luxury branding and high-end editorial work, Giaza adds a refined elegance to any design it graces.

14. Monoton

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: A single-weight, geometric, and modular font, Monoton is ideal for creating standout logos, music event posters, or any design needing a retro-futuristic feel.

15. Celandine

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Celandine's calligraphic and artistic style makes it perfect for artistic projects, wedding stationery, or designs that need a handmade, delicate touch.

16. Black Mango

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Modern and elegant, Black Mango is suitable for impactful headlines, contemporary advertising, and urban lifestyle branding.

17. Sergio Trendy

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: A chic and fashionable font, ideal for modern fashion labels, magazine covers, or any design that requires a trendy, upscale look.

18. Magz

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Great for editorial use, Magz brings a clean and professional look to magazines, newspapers, and corporate reports.

19. Goudy

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: A classic serif font, Goudy is perfect for academic texts, formal documents, and traditional print media where readability and elegance are key.

20. Josefin Slab

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Josefin Slab's vintage yet modern look makes it suitable for stylish web design, minimalist branding, or any project needing a touch of Scandinavian design.

21. Ahsing

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: A playful and dynamic script font, Ahsing is ideal for casual branding, creative advertising, or designs that require a personal, friendly touch.

22. Catchy Mager

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Sleek and futuristic, this font is perfect for tech startups, digital marketing materials, or any design that requires a modern, cutting-edge feel.

23. Kare

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: With its unique and expressive style, Kare is well-suited for artistic projects, experimental branding, or any design that aims to stand out.

24. Higuen Elegant

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: As the name suggests, this font adds elegance and sophistication to luxury branding, high-end advertising, or wedding stationery.

25. Olivia

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Olivia's stylish and feminine charm makes it perfect for beauty and fashion brands, lifestyle blogs, or any design that requires a chic, personal touch.

26. Coterie

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for formal invitations, upscale branding, or elegant publications, Coterie adds a classic, refined touch to any design it accompanies.

Want more amazing fonts you can use on Canva?

If you want to find more fonts and get access to milions of elements for Canva, browse my favorite site: Envato Elements.

They have all kinds of assets such as:

  • Fonts (40,000+)
  • Stock photos (9,3M+)
  • Graphic templates (270,000+)
  • Presentation templates (110,000+)
  • Stock videos (5,1M+)
  • Video templates (96,000+)
  • 3D elements (210,000+)
  • WordPress assets (6,500+)
  • Royalty-free music (140,000+)
So go ahead and check it out, I’m sure you will find the perfect font there.

How to choose the best Canva fonts?

  • Understand the Context: Consider the purpose of your design – whether it's for business, a personal project, or social media. Different fonts work better in different contexts (e.g., a professional report vs. a festive event invitation).
  • Readability: Ensure the font is easy to read, especially if your design involves a lot of text. Sans-serif fonts are generally more readable, especially for digital designs.
  • Brand Consistency: Choose fonts that align with your brand identity or the mood of the project. For instance, a playful font for a children's event, or a sleek, modern font for a tech company.
  • Font Pairing: If using more than one font, make sure they complement each other. Avoid using fonts that are too similar, and balance a bold font with a more neutral one.
  • Versatility: Consider if the font looks good in various sizes and colors, and whether it includes different font weights (bold, italic, etc.) for greater flexibility in design.

What are Canva fonts usually used for?

  • Social Media Graphics: Canva fonts are widely used to create eye-catching graphics for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, ranging from quotes to promotional posts.
  • Marketing Materials: Businesses often use Canva to design brochures, flyers, and digital ads, leveraging the range of fonts to communicate their message effectively.
  • Branding and Logo Design: The variety of fonts in Canva allows for creative logo and branding material designs, helping businesses establish a unique visual identity.
  • Presentations and Reports: Canva fonts are used to enhance the visual appeal of professional presentations and reports, making them more engaging and reader-friendly.
  • Personal Projects: From invitations and greeting cards to personal blogs and portfolios, Canva fonts help individuals add a personal touch to their projects with diverse typographic styles.


I can assure you that delving into Canva's font library for that ideal blend of elegance and luxury is a designer's delight. It's a harmonious fusion of creativity, utility, and capturing the essence of your design's narrative, and when you discover that quintessential font, it's a transformative moment!

For those seeking recommendations, my top selections include Recoleta, Nectarine, and Brown Sugar. Yet, bear in mind, ‘best' is a matter of context: it hinges on your specific project and artistic intent. Relish the exploration and let your creativity flourish. Happy designing!



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