26 Best Fonts on CapCut for Stunning Video Edits

Summary: In this article I've handpicked 26 standout fonts from CapCut's collection to add a spark to your videos. Here are my top three favorite:

  • Black Mango: Sleek and modern, perfect for giving your titles a polished look.
  • Agbalumo: Playful yet elegant, great for adding a unique charm.
  • Curious Cat: Fun and versatile, ideal for informal and engaging content.

CapCut is a popular app that's made quite a splash in the world of mobile video editing. Known for its ease of use and a wide range of features, it's become a go-to choice for many looking to create engaging videos on their phones. In this article, we'll dive into the world of CapCut's fonts – I picked more than 20 of my favorite. Whether you're creating a professional presentation or a casual vlog, these fonts will surely add the perfect touch to your videos.

1. Black Mango

  • About: Ideal for sleek, modern designs, Black Mango offers a sophisticated touch to professional or upscale video content.

2. Agbalumo

  • About: With its playful yet elegant style, Agbalumo is perfect for creative storytelling or videos with a whimsical theme.

3. Curious Cat

  • About: A fun and casual choice, Curious Cat is great for informal vlogs, children's content, or any project needing a friendly touch.

4. Oswald

  • About: Oswald's clean and modern sans-serif style is excellent for headlines and text overlays in corporate or documentary videos.

5. Brown Sugar

  • About: The Brown Sugar font, with its elegant serifs and refined curves, is best suited for video captions that require a touch of sophistication and warmth.

6. Dyna Puff

  • About: Bold and bubbly, Dyna Puff is perfect for energetic, youthful content or videos aimed at a younger audience.

7. Playfair Display

  • About: With its classic elegance, Playfair Display is ideal for formal occasions, historical content, or sophisticated branding.

8. Montserrat Extrabold

  • About: Great for making a statement, Montserrat Extrabold is ideal for impactful titles in promotional or high-energy videos.

9. Space Grotesk

  • About: Space Grotesk's clean, futuristic look suits tech-focused content, sci-fi themes, or any project needing a modern edge.

10. Resolute

  • About: Resolute's strong, clear style is perfect for motivational content, sports highlights, or any video requiring a bold presence.

11. Kekasih

  • About: Kekasih's unique and artistic flair is ideal for romantic, cultural, or artistic videos, adding a touch of elegance and individuality.

12. Playpen Sans

  • About: Playpen Sans, with its relaxed and friendly feel, is great for casual vlogs, educational content, or family-oriented videos.

13. Garis

  • About: Garis offers a sleek, linear style that works well in minimalist designs or videos that emphasize clean, modern aesthetics.

14. Shantell Sans

  • About: Perfect for artistic or design-focused content, Shantell Sans adds a creative and contemporary feel to any project.

15. Lipatan

  • About: The Lipatan font in CapCut, characterized by its bold and contemporary design, is ideally suited for video titles that aim to make a strong visual statement.

16. Artis

  • About: Artis, with its artistic and elegant design, is ideal for cultural content, fashion videos, or any project needing a refined touch.

17. Bowlby One

  • About: Bowlby One's bold, attention-grabbing style is perfect for impactful headlines in advertising or energetic video intros.

18. Reenie Beanie

  • About: With its handwritten charm, Reenie Beanie is great for personal blogs, educational content for kids, or informal invitations.

19. Rubik Mono

  • About: Rubik Mono's monospaced design suits tech reviews, coding tutorials, or any content with a technical or modern theme.

20. Carattere

  • About: Carattere's distinctive, old-style look is ideal for historical documentaries, classic literature content, or vintage-themed videos.

21. Bungee

  • About: Bungee's playful, vertical style is perfect for fun, dynamic titles in travel vlogs, gaming videos, or youth-centric content.

22. Inter

  • About: Inter's clean and versatile design makes it a great choice for corporate presentations, instructional videos, or web content.

23. Sansita Swashed

  • About: Sansita Swashed adds a decorative, expressive touch, suitable for festive videos or creative storytelling.

24. Pacifico

  • About: Pacifico's relaxed, cursive style is perfect for casual, lifestyle content or any video aiming for a laid-back, friendly vibe.

25. Coiny

  • About: Coiny's lively, cartoon-like style is ideal for children's content, animated videos, or any playful, energetic project.

26. Luxury

  • About: Luxury's refined and upscale design is well-suited for high-end branding, luxury product videos, or content with an elegant flair.

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How to choose the best CapCut fonts?

  • Consider the Video's Theme: The font should match the theme of your video. For instance, a playful font for fun, casual content, or a sleek, modern font for professional or tech-related videos.
  • Readability is Key: Ensure the font is easy to read on various devices and sizes. Avoid overly decorative fonts that might be difficult to decipher, especially on smaller screens.
  • Contrast with Background: Choose fonts that stand out against the background without clashing. Consider using drop shadows or outlines if the font blends too much with the video.
  • Font Pairing: If using multiple fonts, ensure they complement each other. Avoid using too many different fonts as it can make the video appear cluttered and unprofessional.
  • Emotional Impact: Fonts convey emotions. A script font might convey elegance or creativity, while a bold, blocky font could suggest strength or urgency.

What are CapCut fonts usually used for?

  • Titles and Headings: CapCut fonts are often used for video titles or headings to grab viewers' attention. Fonts like ‘Black Mango' or ‘Agbalumo' in CapCut can set the tone for the video effectively.
  • Subtitles and Captions: For subtitles and captions, CapCut fonts that are clear and easy to read because they ensure accessibility and understanding for all viewers, even on smaller screens.
  • Branding Purposes: Brands often choose CapCut fonts that align with their identity for their videos. Consistent use of specific CapCut fonts helps with brand recognition across various media platforms.
  • Highlighting Important Information: Stand-out CapCut fonts are used to highlight key information or call-to-actions in a video. Fonts with a distinct character, like ‘Playfair Display', can draw attention to website URLs or social media handles.
  • Creating Mood and Atmosphere: Different CapCut fonts can evoke various moods and atmospheres in a video. A font like ‘Curious Cat' might create a lighthearted feel, while ‘Brown Sugar' could add a touch of sophistication, enhancing the storytelling aspect.


In wrapping up, my exploration of the 26 best CapCut fonts highlights three exceptional choices: Black Mango, Agbalumo, and Curious Cat. Each of these fonts offers something special for your video projects. Black Mango is the go-to for a modern and sleek feel, perfect for titles that demand a professional touch. Agbalumo stands out with its playful elegance, ideal for videos that need a bit of whimsy and creativity. Curious Cat, with its casual and friendly vibe, is great for more informal and engaging content. These top picks are not just fonts; they are tools to bring your storytelling to life, adding personality and flair to your CapCut creations. Experiment with these fonts to see how they transform your videos into engaging, stylish, and memorable pieces!



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