Best Capcut Templates: Currently Trending

Summary: On this page, you can find more than 50 currently trending CapCut templates. The first 4 templates are latest trends which I keep updating to remain in sync with what’s new. Because when it comes to TikTok, reels, shorts and any other social media platform which uses short videos, trends can often come and go incredibly fast. Sometimes I’m surprised to find that yesterdays trend is already outdated. So make yourself comfortable, and start choosing the perfect template for your next video.

Currently trending CapCut templates

January Dump

  • Made by: JRosita
  • Tags: #januarydump #graphicsmaster #jr_fam #beatsync

Cinematic HD

  • Made by: Mzidhan (SSQ)
  • Tags: #fyp #cinematic #healing #aesthetic #filteriphone

Life in January

  • Made by: comfort4n
  • Tags: #fyp #januarydump2024 #januarydump #foryou #trend

She Love the Sky

  • Made by: onlyme51
  • Tags: #shelovetheskies #lirikestetik✨

More trending CapCut Templates

3D Zoom Trend

Trend Slomo Tiktok

Grid 3 Calm Footage

Comic Ai Trend

Trend De Meme

Motion Blur

Slow New Trend

Fashion Outfit Inspo

Quick Visual Shots

Chạy Video

Modelscut Trend

Insane Ai Filter

A.i Expand Image

This Is the Moment

Foto Puzzle Retro

Trend Speedramp

Khaby Use Nyo Na

Trend Glow Up

Michael I Love It!!

Aesthetic Video

Mini Mini Vlog

Photo Puzzle Estetic

Trend 1930s

Cutout Puzzle

Sound Trending Transitions

Transisi Olshop

Collage Photo

Swim Slowmo

New Trend in Tiktok

Cute 思い出スライドショー

Slowmo Aesthetic

Slow Lover Ver.2

Aesthetic Template

Video Transition Keren

Memories Slowmo 4 Klip

Through the Screen

Photopuzzle Bounce

Professional Reel

Mini Vlog / Potret

10 Photo Beat Sync

Colors 9:16 Pics

Untouchable Slowmo Filter

Age Trend Tiktok

Look Trend Tiktok

Me According to Ai

What is CapCut

CapCut is probably the best video editing app for mobile. Seriously, when I started using CapCut, I basically never again touched my previous choice (which was Premiere Rush).  CapCut is simple to use, offers various features like adding music, effects, and text and I think it has simply the most advance choices when it comes to mobile editing. You can create anything with CapCut. It's super popular for creating social media content, especially on TikTok and for ig reels. It’s also user-friendly for those who aren't experts in video editing.

What are CapCut templates?

I guess since you’re on this article, you probably know. But if you don’t, let me explain: CapCut templates are pre-made videos or rather video frames with specific pre-made properties. All you have to do is add your footages into the template and CapCut will take care of everything like text, music or transitions and effects. The result is great video made in seconds. 

How to use CapCut templates?

  1. Install CapCut on Your Phone: Make sure you have the latest CapCut app on your device.
  2. Choose a Template: You can choose any templates from this article and click on the “Use on CapCut »” button. Or if you want to find more templates, go directly to CapCut app and search for templates there. Or, if you want more inspo, check out our CapCut section where you can fins many more templates.
  3. Apply the Template: Tap on the “Use on CapCut »” button to be taken to the app, where your chosen template awaits. There you have to click on “Use template” again and that will show you the editing page.
  4. Pick Your Media: From your gallery, select the photos and videos you want in your video.
  5. Make Edits (Optional): Now's the time to tweak your video. Choose the parts you want to highlight or swap out any content you're not happy with.
  6. Export the Video: Satisfied with your edits? Hit ‘Export’ and choose the format and resolution for your final video.
  7. Watermark Removal (Optional): To export without a watermark, choose “Save and Share on TikTok”. This action saves your video and sets it up for TikTok sharing, usually removing the CapCut watermark.

What are the best CapCut features?

When you open the CapCut app, you’ll see that it has a vast amount of functions, features, buttons, tools and so on. I said it before and it’s true: in CapCut, you can create anything. From adding simple text, filter, or transition, through thousands of templates all the way to green screen or moving the whole videos to make them more engaging. Here are some of the best features CapCut has:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: It's designed to be easy to navigate, making it accessible for beginners.
  2. Video Effects and Filters: Offers a wide range of effects and filters to enhance the visual appeal of your videos.
  3. Advanced Editing Tools: Includes tools for trimming, splitting, and merging video clips, as well as adjusting speed for slow motion or fast-forward effects.
  4. Music and Sound Effects: You can add music from a large library or use your own tracks. It also includes a variety of sound effects.
  5. Text and Stickers: Allows you to add text with different fonts and styles, as well as fun stickers to your videos.
  6. High-Quality Export: Videos can be exported in high resolution, making them suitable for sharing on social media or other platforms.
  7. Overlay and Blend Modes: These features allow for more creative video compositions, like picture-in-picture effects and blending multiple layers.
  8. Keyframe Animation: Offers keyframe functionality for more precise and dynamic control over animation effects.
  9. Green Screen/Chroma Key: Enables you to change backgrounds or create special effects using green screen technology.
  10. Templates: Provides a variety of templates for quick and easy video creation, especially useful for those who want to create content quickly.


CapCut templates are really handy for anyone looking to create good-looking videos without much hassle. They offer a variety of styles to fit different preferences and are super easy to use, saving you a lot of time. With new templates added regularly, you'll always have fresh options to choose from. Essentially, they're a great help for anyone who wants to make their videos stand out without needing to be an expert in video editing.



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