22 Canva Wedding Fonts that Add Romance to Your Invitations

Summary: Today, in my exploration of Canva wedding fonts, I've handpicked 22 amazing options to make your wedding invitations perfect. My top three favorites include:

From minimalist chic to rustic charm, Canva's array of fonts caters to every wedding theme. While it's a challenge to narrow down the best with so many stellar choices, I think that these fonts stand out for their ability to set the tone for your special day. This curated selection aims to simplify your search for the ideal font that not only announces but celebrates your union.

TOP 22 best Canva fonts for wedding invitations

  1. Kenao Sans Serif – Free
  2. Stars & Love – Free
  3. Brown Sugar – Free
  4. Lovely May – Free
  5. Apricots – Free
  6. Lovelace – Free
  7. Stolen Love – Free
  8. Lovera – Free
  9. Julius Sans One – Free
  10. Cinzel – Free
  11. Tangerine – Free
  12. Giaza – Free
  13. Snell Roundhand – Canva Premium
  14. The Seasons – Free
  15. Alex Brush – Free
  16. Alta – Free
  17. Chloe – Canva Premium
  18. Black Mango – Free
  19. Montserrat – Free
  20. Recoleta – Canva Premium
  21. Amsterdam Four – Free
  22. Versailles – Canva Premium

1. Kenao Sans Serif

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Sleek and modern, perfect for contemporary wedding invites with a minimalist aesthetic.

2. Stars & Love

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Whimsical and romantic, Stars & Love is ideal for fairytale-themed or starry night weddings.

3. Brown Sugar

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Beautiful & sophisticated all-caps typeface with touch of luxury & elegance. 

4. Lovely May

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Elegant and delicate, Lovely May is suited for spring weddings and floral-themed invitations.

5. Apricots

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Light and airy, font Apricots is perfect for casual, outdoor, or beachside wedding invitations.

6. Lovelace

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Sophisticated and classic, Lovelace is ideal for traditional weddings with a touch of modernity.

7. Stolen Love

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Stolen Love is a gracefully flowing, calligraphic font perfect for heartfelt and romantic wedding invitations.

8. Lovera

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Graceful and charming, Lovera is perfect for intimate, heartfelt, and romantic wedding invites.

9. Julius Sans One

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Simple yet impactful, Julius Sans One is great for statement-making and upscale wedding invitations.

10. Cinzel

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Classic and timeless, Cinzel is ideal font for formal weddings and elegant ceremonies.

11. Tangerine

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Flowing and ornate, Tangerine is suited for vintage or whimsical-themed wedding invites.

12. Giaza

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Bold and stylish, Giaza is perfect font for chic, urban weddings with a fashionable flair.

13. Snell Roundhand

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Traditional and refined, Snell Roundhand is ideal for classic and sophisticated wedding invitations.

14. The Seasons

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: The Seasons is versatile and elegant font, suitable for any season-themed wedding invitations.

15. Alex Brush

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Soft and flowing, font called Alex Brush is perfect for romantic and personal wedding invites.

16. Alta

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About Alta: This font is modern and clean, ideal for contemporary and simplistic wedding themes.

17. Chloe

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Feminine and delicate, Chloe is really great for charming and elegant wedding invitations.

18. Black Mango

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Bold and modern, Canva font Black Mango is suited for trendy and stylish wedding invitations.

19. Montserrat

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Versatile and readable, Montserrat is classic font, perfect for any style of wedding invitation.

20. Recoleta

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Recoleta is beautiful, vintage-inspired, ideal for retro and nostalgia-themed wedding invites.

21. Amsterdam Four

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Elegant and artistic, Amsterdam Four is suited for sophisticated and luxurious wedding themes.

22. Versailles

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Versailles is an elegantly minimalist serif font, embodying sophistication suitable for grand and formal wedding invitations.

Want more wedding fonts for Canva?

If you want to find more fonts and get access to milions of elements for Canva, browse my favorite site: Envato Elements.

They have all kinds of assets such as:

  • Fonts (40,000+)
  • Stock photos (9,3M+)
  • Graphic templates (270,000+)
  • Presentation templates (110,000+)
  • Stock videos (5,1M+)
  • Video templates (96,000+)
  • 3D elements (210,000+)
  • WordPress assets (6,500+)
  • Royalty-free music (140,000+)
So go ahead and check it out, I’m sure you will find the perfect font there.

How to choose the best Canva wedding fonts?

  • Reflect the Wedding's Atmosphere: The font should match the formality and mood of the event, whether it's black-tie elegance or bohemian chic.
  • Prioritize Readability: While style is important, ensure guests can easily read the details; a legible font is crucial for key information.
  • Consider Font Pairings Carefully: Use harmonious font pairings to add visual interest without cluttering the invitation; typically a script with a serif or sans-serif.
  • Test Printability: Some fonts may look beautiful on screen but lose their charm when printed; always print a sample.
  • Incorporate Trends with Caution: While it’s tempting to use trendy fonts, remember that timeless fonts will help your invitations age well.

What are these fonts usually used for?

  • Invitations and Save-the-Dates: The primary use is for the main invitation card and accompanying save-the-date cards.
  • Detail Cards: For information on accommodations, directions, and wedding registries.
  • Programs for the Ceremony: To guide guests through the proceedings of the wedding ceremony.
  • Thank You Cards: Used post-wedding to express gratitude to guests for their gifts and presence.
  • Wedding Websites: Consistent font use across digital platforms complements the physical invitations and maintains thematic coherence.


So, that's a wrap on the enchanting world of wedding fonts on Canva. These fonts aren't just letters on a page; they're the ambassadors of your love story, setting the stage for your big day.

In essence, choosing the perfect wedding font intertwines the art of aesthetic, the clarity of communication, and the harmony of design. My top selections? The elegant Kenao Sans Serif, the romantic Stars & Love, and the dreamy of Brown Sugar. Each brings its own essence, so select what resonates with your wedding theme and enjoy the creative process!



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