25 Best Carrd Fonts for Eye-catching One-page Sites

Summary: In my search through Carrd's font options, I've selected 25 top fonts for any webpage. My top three choices are:

  • Aboreto: A flowing script font, great for a personal, artistic touch.
  • Bebas Neue: A bold, sans-serif font, ideal for strong headlines.
  • Agbalumo: A fun and unique font, perfect for creative content.

Carrd is a straightforward yet powerful platform that's gained popularity for creating sleek, single-page websites. It's designed for simplicity, making it a favorite for individuals and small businesses who need an online presence without the complexity of traditional website builders. In this article, I selected this collection of Carrd fonts to enhance the visual appeal of web pages across various styles and themes. From professional and minimalist to artistic and quirky, these fonts cater to a wide array of design needs. 

1. Aboreto

  • About Aboreto: Ideal for artistic or personal websites, Aboreto's flowing script adds a touch of elegance and individuality, perfect for creating an intimate and expressive atmosphere.

2. Bebas Neue

  • About: A great choice for bold headlines, this sans-serif font offers clarity and impact for modern designs, making it perfect for capturing attention and conveying strength.

3. Agbalumo

  • Abou: Perfect for creative or playful sites, Agbalumo's unique style injects fun and distinctiveness, making it ideal for websites that aim to stand out with a quirky character.

4. PT Serif

  • About PT Serif: Best suited for professional or editorial content, PT Serif offers readability and a classic look, ideal for sites that require a sense of authority and tradition.

5. Syncopate

  • About: Ideal for tech or futuristic themes, Syncopate's stylized characters give a modern edge, perfect for websites that aim to convey innovation and cutting-edge ideas.

6. Work Sans

  • About: A versatile sans-serif, great for body text in business or minimalist websites due to its readability and clean appearance, Work Sans ensures content is easy to digest.

7. Shrikhand

  • About: Perfect for cultural or vibrant themed websites, Shrikhand adds a bold, expressive flavor to headings, evoking a sense of excitement and energy.

8. Raleway

  • About: A stylish sans-serif, ideal for elegant, sophisticated, or high-end website designs, Raleway brings a sleek, modern touch to both headings and text.

9. Luckiest Guy

  • About: Great for casual or quirky sites, Luckiest Guy adds a friendly, approachable feel, perfect for engaging visitors with a fun tone.

10. Merriwheater

  • About: Suitable for long-form content or blogs, Merriweather offers comfort and ease in reading, making it ideal for extensive textual content.

11. Fraunces

  • About: Best for vintage or classic-themed sites, Fraunces's unique style adds a touch of nostalgia and old-world charm, enhancing the site's overall aesthetic.

12. Bagel Fat One

  • About: Ideal for food-related or playful websites, Bagel Fat One adds a fun and appetizing feel, perfect for drawing attention to culinary content.

13. Poiret One

  • About: Perfect for fashion or artistic sites, Poiret One brings a chic, decorative look that enhances the visual appeal of creative projects.

14. Abril Fatface

  • About: Excellent for impactful headlines in luxury or high-fashion websites, Abril Fatface conveys a sense of elegance and exclusivity.

15. Montserrat

  • About: A clean, modern font, Montserrat is versatile for both text and headings across various site types, offering a contemporary and professional look.

16. Alfa Slab One

  • About: Great for attention-grabbing headlines, especially in advertising or promotional content, Alfa Slab One makes a strong visual statement.

17. Sacramento

  • About: Ideal for personal blogs or portfolios, Sacramento offers a handwritten, intimate feel, perfect for personal stories or artistic expressions.

18. Space Grotesk

  • About: Suitable for tech or modern sites, its clean lines convey a sleek, contemporary look, making Space Grotesk a top choice for innovative themes.

19. Marcellus

  • About: Best for historical or traditional themes, Marcellus adds a touch of classic elegance, ideal for content that requires a dignified or formal tone.

20. Gloock

  • About: Great for children's websites or educational content, with a playful and engaging style, Gloock makes learning content more approachable and enjoyable.

21. Kodchasan

  • About: Perfect for wellness or lifestyle sites, its soft, rounded characters evoke calmness and simplicity, ideal for sites focused on health and well-being.

22. Hachi Maru Pop

  • About: Ideal for gaming or animation-themed sites, adding a fun, cartoonish vibe, Hachi Maru Pop captures the playful spirit of interactive content.

23. Fredoka One

  • About: A good choice for interactive or youth-oriented websites, Fredoka One's friendly and bold style makes it appealing for a younger audience.

24. Amatic SC

  • About: Suitable for creative, artisanal, or handcrafted themes, Amatic SC has a casual, handwritten feel, adding a personal touch to artistic websites.

25. Climate Crisis

  • About: Best for environmental or activism-related sites, Climate Crisis's distinct style draws attention to important messages, perfect for making a statement.

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What is Carrd?

Carrd is a platform for building simple, one-page websites, known for its ease of use and responsiveness. It's ideal for creating landing pages, portfolios, and basic personal or business websites. Carrd offers a variety of templates and customization options, making it accessible even to those without web development skills. It's budget-friendly with both free and paid plans, and is especially popular among individuals, freelancers, and small businesses for its efficiency in creating a streamlined online presence.

How to choose the best Carrd fonts?

  • Readability: The primary function of a font is to be easily readable. Choose fonts that are clear and legible, especially for main text areas. Avoid overly decorative fonts for body text, as they can be difficult to read, especially on smaller screens.
  • Brand Alignment: Ensure the font aligns with your brand's personality and message. For example, a modern, sans-serif font may suit a tech company, while a more traditional serif font could be better for a law firm or a literary blog.
  • Contrast and Pairing: If you're using more than one font, make sure they contrast well and complement each other. A common practice is to pair a serif with a sans-serif font. Avoid using fonts that are too similar, as this can make your website look monotonous.
  • Web Optimization: Choose fonts that are optimized for web use. Some fonts may look good in print but don't render as well on screens. Web-optimized fonts are designed to load quickly and display consistently across different browsers and devices.
  • Scalability: Test how the font looks at different sizes and on various devices. A good font should be scalable, maintaining its legibility and aesthetics whether it's on a large desktop screen or a small mobile device.


In conclusion, my exploration of Carrd's diverse font library has revealed a rich variety of styles perfect for enhancing any website. Among them, Aboreto, Bebas Neue, and Agbalumo emerge as top picks, each bringing a unique flair to the digital canvas. Aboreto adds a personal, artistic touch, Bebas Neue offers bold clarity for headlines, and Agbalumo introduces a playful, creative vibe. These fonts not only elevate the aesthetic of a website but also help in effectively communicating its message. As you select fonts for your own Carrd site, consider these standout choices for their distinctive ability to add character and style to your online presence.



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