26 Chalk Fonts in Canva, That’ll Take You Back to School

Summary: in today’s article, I came up with 26 of the best chalk fonts you’ll find on Canva. And my absolute favorites are these 3:

  • Six Hands Chalk – The most classic, pretty and handwritten chalk font on Canva
  • Rushk – Bulk, bold and brushy uppercase typeface
  • Lousiville II – Elegant, tall and long chalk font

If you're looking for that unique blend of nostalgia and charm in your design, you're in the right place. I’m talking about the timeless appeal of chalk fonts. Be it a lively classroom presentation, a cozy restaurant menu, or a heartwarming social media post, nothing adds personality quite like a chalk font. With Canva's diverse range, from bold to whimsical, you're sure to find just the right touch to tell your story. So, let's dive in, have some fun, and discover the charm of Canva's best chalk fonts together.

TOP 26 chalk fonts in Canva

  1. Six Hands Chalk – Free
  2. Rushk – Free
  3. Lousiville II – Canva Premium
  4. Berton – Free
  5. Authenia Textured – Canva Premium
  6. Waterlily – Free
  7. Cabin Sketch – Free
  8. Abys – Free
  9. Feeling Passionate – Free
  10. Londrina Sketch – Free
  11. Homemade Apple – Free
  12. Permanent Marker – Free
  13. Have Heart Two – Canva Premium
  14. Sunset Hill – Canva Premium
  15. Seashore – Canva Premium
  16. Sprite Graffiti – Free
  17. Amatic SC – Free
  18. Selima – Free
  19. TC Chaddlewood – Free
  20. Six Hands Brush – Free
  21. Carlitos – Canva Premium
  22. Beast – Canva Premium
  23. Alanta – Free
  24. South Korea Script – Canva Premium
  25. Quick Silver – Canva Premium
  26. Schoolbell – Free

Six Hands Chalk

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Six Hands Chalk: This chalk font is perfect for creating a playful, hand-drawn look, ideal for menu boards, DIY projects, or children's education materials.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Rushk:  With its bold, chunky letters, Rushk offers a great choice for highlighting headlines, titles or any statement pieces in your design.

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Lousiville II

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Louisville II: With its long and thin style, Louisville II is perfect for creating a unique, artistic flair in posters, headings, and other display purposes.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Berton: Berton gives off a chalk vibe, making it perfect for antiquated signs, retro labels, or any design aiming for a nostalgic aesthetic.

Authenia Textured

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Authenia Textured: This chalk font exudes a rustic charm, ideal for farm or market signage, homemade product labels, or craft-inspired projects.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Waterlily: This bold chalk font is perfect for making a statement. Ideal for curious designs, invites or anywhere you want to make an interesting impact with large and striking text.

Cabin Sketch

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Cabin Sketch: This font combines the playfulness of doodling and seriousness of a sans-serif font. It's perfect for infographics, cartoons, or children's book covers.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Abys: Abys, with its bold and edgy style, is perfect for music posters, street art or anything that needs to stand out with a touch of urban grit.

Feeling Passionate

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Feeling Passionate: This chalk font gives off a strong, fiery vibe, making it an excellent choice for motivational posters, sports branding, or empowering slogans.

Londrina Sketch

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Londrina Sketch: Londrina Sketch, with its clean yet playful style, is perfect for educational materials, children's books, or anything that aims for a light-hearted aesthetic.

Homemade Apple

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Homemade Apple: With its casual and inviting style, Homemade Apple is perfect for home decor signs, cookbook covers, or any design that aims for a warm, homey feel.

Permanent Marker

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Permanent Marker: This font is ideal for creating a bold, high-energy look reminiscent of youthful handwriting. It's great for logos, slogans, and comic book text.

Have Heart Two

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Have Heart Two: Have Heart Two brings a vintage brush style, making it perfect for logo designs, apparel, or any project that requires a touch of retro charm.

Sunset Hill

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Sunset Hill: Sunset Hill exudes a relaxing, beachy vibe, ideal for vacation or travel posters, surf shops, or any design that aims for a chill, tropical aesthetic.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Seashore: With its sharp, whimsical style, Seashore is perfect for beach-themed designs, summer event posters, or any project aiming for a playful, aquatic vibe.

Sprite Graffiti

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Sprite Graffiti: Sprite Graffiti, with its urban, street-art style, is ideal for music album covers, skateboarding brands, or any design with an edgy, youthful aesthetic.

Amatic SC

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Amatic SC: Amatic SC is a all-caps font that works perfectly for comic strips, doodles, and storybooks, bringing a playful, whimsical aesthetic.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Selina: With its elegant, flowing cursive style, Selima is perfect for wedding invites, upscale restaurant menus, or any design aiming for a refined aesthetic.

TC Chaddlewood

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About TC Chaddlewood: TC Chaddlewood, with its tall, bold style, is ideal for large headlines, poster titles, or any design that needs to make a big, clear statement.

Six Hands Brush

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Six Hands Brush: This font combines the rustic feel of chalk with the organic lines of brush strokes, perfect for handmade product labels, farm-to-table restaurants, or craft businesses.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Carlitos: Carlitos offers a friendly, hand-drawn aesthetic, making it great for children's books, educational resources, or any project with a welcoming, easy-going vibe.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Beast: Beast, with its strong, sharp edges, is ideal for music posters, sports branding, or any design that needs to convey intensity.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Alanta: With its unique, bold and decorative style, Alanta is perfect for creating an exotic flair in logos, poster titles, or any project aiming for a touch of mystery.

South Korea Script

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About South Korea Script: This font brings a touch of Asian elegance, making it perfect for traditional Asian restaurant menus, cultural event flyers, or any design with an eastern aesthetic.

Quick Silver

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Quick Silver: Quick Silver, with its fast, dynamic style, is ideal for racing events, sports branding, or any project that aims to convey speed and adrenaline.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Schoolbell: Schoolbell's friendly, rounded letters bring back memories of classroom days, making it perfect for educational materials, school websites.

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So go ahead and check it out, I’m sure you will find the perfect font there.

How to pick the best chalk font in Canva?

  • Define your purpose: I think the first thing you should consider is the purpose of your design. If it's something formal, a clean and straightforward chalk font would be the best. But if it's something playful or creative, you might want to go with something more decorative.
  • Readability: The second most important thing is readability. Make sure the font you choose is easy to read even at smaller sizes or when printed. I think lot of people forget about this, so make sure your font is readable.
  • Compatibility: The font should fit well with the other elements of your design, including images, colors, and other text elements.
  • Uniqueness: It's always a good idea to go for something different that can make your design stand out. But remember, as I mentioned, don't sacrifice readability and compatibility for uniqueness.
  • Aesthetics: Since you're looking for a chalk or board-like font, look for ones that have a hand-drawn, rustic appeal.

What are chalk fonts in Canva typically used for?

I think that chalk fonts have many usages, just like any other decorative or fancy fonts. here are some of the most common usages, that you can try especially in Canva:

  • Educational or classroom presentations: They lend a traditional blackboard feel, making the content appear more educational and engaging.
  • Restaurant menus: Chalk fonts give a rustic, homely, or vintage look, creating the illusion of a hand-written chalkboard menu.
  • Informal event posters: These fonts provide a casual, friendly vibe for community gatherings, fundraisers, or school events.
  • Casual party invitations: Chalk fonts are great for setting a light-hearted and fun tone for events like birthday parties or picnics.
  • Small business promotions: Chalk fonts give a personalized, non-corporate feel to sale banners or promotional posts.
  • Artistic social media posts: They provide a handcrafted look that can make posts stand out.
  • Logos for businesses wanting a traditional, rustic, or handmade aesthetic.
  • Quote graphics: Chalk fonts add a personal and warm touch to these designs.


Wrapping up, Canva's chalk fonts are like a fun and reliable friends, that I personally really like to use, who are ready to add a special touch to any design – from spicing up your presentations, making menus charmingly rustic, to giving your social media posts a personal feel. The variety is impressive, from bold to whimsical, each telling a unique story. 

So go ahead, play around and find your perfect chalk font match. And if you want my recommendation, try using Six Hands Chalk, Rushk, or Lousiville II. Enjoy the design journey. After all, creativity should be fun, right?



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