24 Cursive Fonts in Word That Add a Personal Touch

Summary: In this exploration of cursive fonts, I'll dive into 24 of the best options available in Microsoft Word that can add a distinctive flair to your documents. My top three favorites are:

  • Goudy Old Style Italic: Timeless classic that brings an air of sophistication to any document.
  • Vivaldi Italic: Delicate and expressive, ideal for invitations and personal letters.
  • Sagona Book: A modern twist on cursive that maintains readability while offering style.

Cursive fonts are a fantastic way to inject personality and elegance into your work. If you're looking to distinguish your correspondence or designs, these fonts are a perfect place to start. And the best part? They're all at your fingertips in Microsoft Word. Let's begin our journey into the world of cursive fonts.

1. Goudy Old Style Italic

  • About: Suited for replicating the feel of traditional print in formal documents, such as certificates, old-world style invitations, and archival quality reproductions of classic texts.

2. Vivaldi Italic

  • About Vivaldi Italic: Its fluid and refined curves make it perfect for the most elegant wedding invitations, high-end event programs, and sophisticated branding materials.

3. Sagona Book

  • About: Sagona Book is ideal for modern business branding, editorial design in magazines, and digital platforms that seek a blend of professionalism with a personal touch.

4. Quire Sans Light Italic

  • About: Light and delicate, this font is a superb choice for poetic compositions, reflective journal entries, and personal correspondence that seeks a touch of finesse.

5. Palace Script M

  • About: This font brings a majestic and aristocratic quality to state dinner invitations, royal event stationery, and documents that call for a regal script.

6. Script MT Bold

  • About: Its robust and impactful style makes it a go-to for advertising copy, bold menu headings, and any marketing material meant to draw the eye immediately.

7. Grandview Display Italic

  • About: With its stylish flair, it enhances the appeal of magazine headers, advertising slogans, and any display text that requires a blend of clarity and elegance.

8. Edwardian Script ITC

  • About: Radiating exclusivity, it's perfect for luxury brand logos, high-society event invitations, and any context where a handcrafted, upper-class script is called for.

9. Speak Pro Light Italic

  • About: This font has a casual yet distinctive presence, ideal for informal blogs, quirky branding, and any digital content that aims for a conversational tone.

10. High Tower Text Italic

  • About: A scholarly font that brings an academic distinction to editorial footnotes, historical texts, and educational publications.

11. Meiryo Italic

  • About: Its sleek and modern design, with broad language support, makes it versatile for international business documents, user interfaces, and cosmopolitan web content.

12. Vladimir Script

  • About: With a personal touch reminiscent of classic handwriting, it's perfect for personal stationery, informal invitations, and signature-style branding elements.

13. Bodoni MT Italic

  • About: This stylish, high-contrast font is a staple in the fashion industry, from runway show invitations to the glossy pages of high-fashion magazines.

14. Cochocib Script Latin Pro

  • About: The organic, flowing nature of this font suits natural product packaging, boutique branding, and any design that seeks an artisanal, handcrafted vibe.

15. Verdana Italic

  • About: Verdana Italic offers a subtle emphasis in user interfaces, web content, and digital correspondence where readability is key, but a touch of style is desired.

16. Fairwater Script Regular

  • About: Its maritime-inspired elegance is perfect for coastal resort branding, nautical-themed wedding stationery, and promotional materials for seaside businesses or events.

17. Rockwell Italic

  • About: This font provides a subtle slant to emphasize key points in text-heavy documents without losing the strong, geometric integrity of Rockwell's design.

18. Freestyle Script

  • About: Exudes a carefree and artistic energy for casual event invitations, creative advertising, and branding projects that aim for a relaxed, approachable look.

19. Kunstler Script

  • About: Lends an air of formality and time-honored tradition to award certificates, formal declarations, and event programs that require a calligraphic script.

20. Lucida Handwriting Italic

  • About: Mimics a personal note, making it excellent for informal communications, handwritten notes in digital format, and personal branding with a homemade feel.

21. Alasassy Caps Italic

  • About Alasassy Caps Italic: This distinctive, artistic cursive is best used for unique headings, standout logos, and creative designs where a stylized uppercase font is needed.

22. Fave Script Bold Pro

  • About: Its bold and lively character makes it ideal for modern branding, impactful advertising campaigns, and any design that calls for a fresh, dynamic script.

23. Georgia Italic

  • About: Complements the classic Georgia typeface with a gentle emphasis, making it suitable for quotes, emphasis in editorial work, and sophisticated online content.

24. Brush Script MT Italic

  • About: Perfect font for informal, expressive displays such as editorial headings, casual branding, and merchandise that benefits from a handmade, brush-painted look.

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How to choose the best cursive font in Word?

  • Legibility: Prioritize fonts that remain readable at various sizes, ensuring the text is understandable.
  • Context: Match the font style to the document's purpose; formal events require elegant scripts, while casual notes can be more playful.
  • Pairing: Select fonts that pair well with non-cursive fonts for body text to maintain a balanced design.
  • Consistency: Choose a font that has consistent stroke weights and spacing to maintain a harmonious look throughout the document.
  • Character Support: Ensure the font supports all the characters and symbols you need, especially for languages with special characters.

What are cursive fonts usually used for?

  • Invitations: Often used for wedding, gala, and event invitations to add a formal and personalized touch.
  • Branding: Employed in logos and branding materials to convey elegance, uniqueness, or a handcrafted feel.
  • Certificates and Awards: Used to mimic calligraphy, adding a touch of prestige and formality to official recognitions.
  • Greeting Cards: Popular choice for personalizing greeting cards, thank-you notes, and other personal correspondence.
  • Advertising: Utilized in advertising to draw attention and add a flourish to slogans and taglines.


To conclude, these 24 cursive fonts in Microsoft Word offer a rich tapestry of style and flair. From the elegant strokes of Goudy Old Style Italic to the lively bounce of Vivaldi Italic and the contemporary appeal of Sagona Book, there's a font here to match every mood and message. Each one invites you to tell a story with a blend of sophistication and personal touch. Whether you're drafting a formal invitation or personalizing a heartfelt note, these fonts act like a pen that turns your typing into a piece of art. Dive in and let your words dance across the page with classic charm and a modern twist. 



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