25 Best Fonts on Figma That’ll Make Your Projects Shine

Summary: In today’s write-up, I’ve chosen 25 of the best fonts on Figma that might help elevate your design projects. My top three favorite picks are:

  • Inter: Its neutral design makes it a staple for user interfaces and readable text.
  • Newsreader: This font brings a touch of elegance to editorial-related designs.
  • Montserrat: A versatile choice that stands out in various contexts.

Picking the right Figma font is more than just finding a style you like; it's about ensuring your design communicates effectively and resonates with your audience. That’s why I made this roundup which showcases fonts that balance aesthetic appeal with functionality, giving your projects a boost in readability and design sophistication. From sleek apps to compelling articles, these Figma fonts are made to enhance your message and engage viewers. Dive into the selection and discover how these fonts can transform your next design into something spectacular.

1. Inter

  • About: Perfect for UI and UX design within Figma, Inter is a highly legible font that balances clarity with subtle contemporary detailing.

2. Newsreader

  • About: Best for editorial use on Figma, Newsreader brings a high level of sophistication to long-form text and articles.

3. Montserrat

  • About: Montserrat's geometric lines and modern sensibility make it a go-to on Figma for branding and clean, impactful headings.

4. Sedan SC

  • About: On Figma, Sedan SC lends an artistic touch to invitations and personal blogs with its distinctive small caps and stylish flair.

5. Monoton

  • About: Ideal for Figma designs, Monoton is perfect for logos and titles where a retro-futuristic chrome and high-energy vibe are desired.

6. Raleway

  • About: Raleway's elegant and clean design is perfect on Figma for professional presentations and documents requiring a touch of class.

7. Scope One

  • About: With its high contrast and refined appearance, Scope One is suited for elegant, high-end branding and sophisticated headlines in Figma.

8. Modak

  • About: Modak's round and bubbly form is perfect within Figma for casual and fun graphics aimed at a youthful audience.

9. Julius Sans One

  • About: Julius Sans One is a light and airy font on Figma that works well for minimalist designs and modern luxury branding.

10. Quicksand

  • About: Quicksand is versatile and friendly, a great fit on Figma for educational materials and user-friendly tech products.

11. Akaya Kanadaka

  • About: Akaya Kanadaka on Figma brings a unique flair to designs seeking an exotic or cultural aesthetic, perfect for thematic graphics.

12. Cherry Bomb

  • About: Cherry Bomb offers a playful, handcrafted look ideal for Figma projects aimed at creative advertising and engaging social media content.

13. EB Garamond

  • About: EB Garamond exudes classic elegance on Figma, suitable for book typesetting and other long-form texts requiring a timeless feel.

14. Playfair Display

  • About: With its high contrast and distinctive style, Playfair Display is perfect for fashion magazines and luxury branding on Figma.

15. Roboto

  • About: A versatile sans-serif font on Figma, Roboto works well for both print and digital mediums, offering great readability.

16. Montagu Slab

  • About: Montagu Slab is ideal on Figma for statement headlines and block quotes where a mix of vintage and modern style is needed.

17. Poiret One

  • About: Poiret One's geometric and decorative style suits creative and fashion-forward web designs and promotional materials on Figma.

18. Righteous

  • About: Righteous on Figma stands out with its geometric construction and clean lines, making it ideal for headers and logos in modern design compositions.

19. Oregano

  • About: Oregano on Figma, with its organic, hand-drawn characteristics, brings a casual yet dynamic script style to designs that call for a personal touch.

20. Nova Oval

  • About: Nova Oval's soft, round shapes are great for children's books, food packaging, and any design on Figma needing a gentle touch.

21. Lora

  • About: Lora is a well-balanced, contemporary serif font on Figma that offers a unique blend of classic and modern style, perfect for digital and print storytelling.

22. Just Another Hand

  • About: Just Another Hand provides a casual and approachable look on Figma for informal invitations and educational content aimed at younger viewers.

23. Holtwood One S

  • About: Holtwood One SC is perfect for impactful, all-caps headers in Figma-designed posters and flyers that require a solid and commanding presence.

24. Ubuntu

  • About: Ubuntu's humanist design and open curves make it ideal on Figma for tech companies and startups promoting user-friendly interfaces.

25. Amatic SC

  • About: Amatic SC on Figma is a charming, hand-drawn font that's perfect for informal yet creative projects, giving designs a personal and artisanal feel.

Want more fonts for Figma?

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How to choose the best font on Figma?

  • Legibility and Readability: Select fonts that are easy to read at different sizes and resolutions to ensure your design is accessible to a wide audience.
  • Brand Alignment: Choose a font that embodies your brand's personality, whether it's professional, whimsical, or avant-garde.
  • Versatility: Opt for fonts that look good in various weights and styles, from bold headlines to fine body text, providing flexibility in your designs.
  • Contrast and Hierarchy: Ensure the font works well in contrast with other design elements and allows for clear visual hierarchy in your layout.
  • Language Support: Consider the range of characters and language support if your design targets a global audience, ensuring the font supports all necessary glyphs.

What are fonts on Figma usually used for?

  • User Interface (UI) Design: Figma fonts with clean lines and high legibility are essential for creating user interfaces that are both attractive and functional.
  • Branding and Logos: Distinctive Figma fonts are often the go-to choice for designers looking to craft memorable logos and strong brand identities.
  • Web and App Typography: The best Figma fonts for web and app design are those that provide versatility with various weights and styles, ensuring excellent on-screen readability.
  • Editorial and Print Design: For long-form content, Figma fonts that are serif and offer great readability are preferred to maintain reader comfort and engagement.
  • Advertising and Headlines: When it comes to making an impact, bold Figma fonts are used in headlines and advertising to immediately draw in and engage the audience.


In conclusion, my journey through the 25 best fonts on Figma uncovers a curated selection ideal for an array of design needs. Notably, Inter stands out for its versatility in user interface design, Newsreader offers a dignified elegance suited for editorial content, and Montserrat brings a modern touch that can adapt to multiple contexts. Like an artist selecting the perfect brush, these Figma fonts enable you to craft nuanced and effective designs that speak to your audience. Whether you're building a brand from scratch or enhancing a digital platform, the right choice of font can elevate your narrative, ensuring your designs not only look exceptional but also communicate with precision and style.



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