26 Best Fun Fonts in Word That’ll Make Your Words Pop

Summary: In my exploration of Microsoft Word's font library, I've rounded up 26 of the best fun fonts available. Here are my top three choices:

  • Cooper Black: Perfect for headings that need to stand out with a touch of whimsy.
  • Alasassy Caps: Unique and stylish, this font brings an artistic flair to any project.
  • Modern Love Caps: It's great for modern designs that require a fun yet sophisticated touch.

So, let's dive into the colorful world of Word's fun fonts. I've carefully selected 26 that are sure to add vibrancy and creativity to your documents. Whether you're designing an eye-catching flyer, personalizing a party invitation, or just want to add some flair to your everyday writing, these fun fonts are your go-to for making a statement. Get ready to unleash your creativity and give your documents a fresh, fun look with these fantastic font options!

1. Cooper Black

  • About: A fun, yet classic and bold font, Cooper Black is best suited for headlines and branding where a friendly, impactful presence is desired.

2. Alasassy Caps

  • About Alasassy Caps: Ideal for elegant invitations and upscale marketing materials, Alasassy Caps adds a unique, decorative touch to any design.

3. Modern Love Caps

  • About Modern Love Caps: Stylish and contemporary, this font adds a fun, trendy touch to fashion brands and modern advertisements.

4. The Hand

  • About The Hand: Great for adding a casual, handwritten, and fun vibe to personal notes, informal invitations, and creative projects.

5. Boucherie Block

  • About Boucherie Block: With a fun, vintage charm, this font is perfect for retro-themed posters and designs that require a quirky, old-school feel.

6. Broadway

  • About Broadway: Ideal for adding a touch of fun and vintage glamour to theatrical posters and 1920s-themed events.

7. Trade Gothic Inline Regular

  • About Trade Gothic Inline Regular: This font brings a modern, industrial yet playful twist to professional and sophisticated designs.

8. Goudy Old Style

  • About Goudy Old Style: Elegant and traditional, it adds a classic, fun twist to formal documents and academic papers.

9. Elephant Pro Regular

  • About Elephant Pro Regular: Bold and fun, this font is perfect for creating impactful, attention-grabbing headlines in advertising.

10. The Serif Hand

  • About The Serif Hand: Mimicking a fun, handwritten style, it's great for designs that require a personal and playful touch.

11. Bernard MT Condensed

  • About Bernard MT Condensed: A fun, compact font, great for creating strong, eye-catching headlines where space is limited.

12. Forte Forward

  • About Forte Forward: Brings a playful, energetic vibe to children's books and casual branding with its lively and fun design.

13. Colonna MT

  • About Colonna MT: Elegant and stylish, this font adds a touch of fun class to formal invitations and titles.

14. Impact

  • About Impact: Perfect for making bold, fun statements in advertising and attention-grabbing headlines.

15. STCaiyun

  • About STCaiyun: Offers an artistic, fun, Asian-inspired flair, suitable for designs with a cultural and creative twist.

16. Imprint MT Shadow

  • About Imprint MT Shadow: Adds a playful 3D effect and depth to titles and short texts in fun posters and book covers.

17. Jumble

  • About Jumble: Ideal for fun, engaging designs like children's books, adding a playful and whimsical element.

18. Baguet Script Regular

  • About Baguet Script Regular: A sophisticated yet fun script font, perfect for elegant and creatively designed wedding invitations.

19. Century Gothic

  • About Century Gothic: A clean, modern, and fun font, great for adding a minimalist yet playful touch to various designs.

20. Mystical Woods Smooth Script

  • About Mystical Woods Smooth Script: Adds a whimsical, fantasy-themed fun to creative projects, book covers, and imaginative designs.

21. Speak Pro

  • About Speak Pro: A versatile, fun font ideal for comic dialogues, animations, and casual gaming interfaces.

22. Playbill

  • About Playbill: Perfect for creating fun, Western-style themed designs and historical projects with a quirky twist.

23. Sagona Book

  • About Sagona Book: Combines readability with a contemporary, fun feel, suitable for modern, playful editorial content.

24. Georgia Pro

  • About Georgia Pro: A versatile, reader-friendly font that adds a subtle, fun touch to both digital and print media.

25. Chamberi Super Display Regular

  • About: Bold and modern, Chamberi Super Display Regular is perfect for large, fun headings and creative display purposes.

26. ADLaM Display Regular

  • About: ADLaM Display Regular offers a unique and culturally diverse typography option for fun projects requiring non-Latin scripts.

Want more fun fonts?

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How to choose the best fun font in Word?

  • Purpose of the Document: Consider the context and purpose of your document. Fun fonts are great for informal or creative documents but may not be suitable for formal or professional ones.
  • Readability: Ensure the font is legible, especially for longer texts. Some fun fonts can be difficult to read, which might distract or frustrate the reader.
  • Audience: Think about your audience. What might be fun and appropriate for a children's party invitation might not be suitable for a business presentation.
  • Font Pairing: If you're using more than one font, make sure your fun font pairs well with others in your document. Avoid clashing styles that could create a jarring visual experience.
  • Consistency: Use the fun font consistently throughout your document to maintain a cohesive look. Overusing different fun fonts can make your document look cluttered and unprofessional.

What are fun fonts in Word usually used for?

  • Party Invitations and Flyers: Fun fonts are often used for invitations to birthdays, weddings, or other celebrations, as they add a playful and festive touch.
  • Educational Materials for Children: These fonts can make learning materials more engaging and appealing to young students.
  • Creative Projects: Fun fonts are suitable for projects like scrapbooking, DIY crafts, or artistic presentations where a touch of creativity is desired.
  • Advertising and Marketing Materials: In the context of advertising, fun fonts can be used to grab attention and convey a sense of excitement or uniqueness about a product or event.
  • Social Media Posts and Graphics: For posts that are less formal, fun fonts can add personality and visual interest to social media content, making it more engaging and shareable.


To summarize, it's clear that within Microsoft Word's selection of fun fonts, Cooper Black, Alasassy Caps, and Modern Love Caps truly stand out. These fonts add a unique touch of personality and style to any document, from playful invitations to standout marketing materials. Cooper Black brings boldness and charm, Alasassy Caps offers artistic elegance, and Modern Love Caps strikes a balance between fun and sophistication. They're your top picks for infusing fun, stylish typography into your Word documents. Experiment with these fonts and see how they can transform your work into something memorable and eye-catching!



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