28 Funky Fonts on Canva That Will Spice Up Your Content

Summary: In this article, I've explored Canva's most eclectic and lively funky fonts that promise to add zest to your designs and selected the best 28 of them all. These are my top three choices:

  • Kooka Expanded: Ideal for headlines, offering a contemporary and spacious feel.
  • Rague Shine: Perfect for energetic marketing and social media graphics.
  • Monoton: Great for retro-themed posters and music event branding.

Let me take you into the lively realm of Canva's fonts. I handpicked 28 of the best funky Canva fonts where each is a burst of creative joy, ready to elevate your projects. Whether you're designing a standout logo, a vibrant poster, or just want to inject fun into your graphics, funky fonts are your toolkit for visual excitement. Let's start the adventure and watch your designs come alive!

TOP 28 best funky fonts on Canva

  1. Kooka Expanded – Free
  2. Rague Shine – Canva Premium
  3. Monoton – Free
  4. GeoMath 1 – Canva Premium
  5. TAN Moonlight – Free
  6. Architype Bill – Canva Premium
  7. Kingred Youth – Free
  8. Chromium One – Free
  9. Barabara – Free
  10. Cubic – Canva Premium
  11. Aprila – Free
  12. Cubao – Free
  13. Kare – Canva Premium
  14. Farmer Market – Canva Premium
  15. Klose Slab expanded – Free
  16. Forma – Canva Premium
  17. Pacifico – Free
  18. More Sugar – Free
  19. Laries Script – Free
  20. Froh – Canva Premium
  21. Rig Solid Bold Halftone – Free
  22. SK Quadratica – Free
  23. Megrim – Free
  24. Stadio Now Poster – Free
  25. Made Barista – Free
  26. 29LT Arapix – Free
  27. Kumar One Outline – Free
  28. Modak – Free

1. Kooka Expanded

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: A modern font with rounded edges, perfect for bold headlines and contemporary advertising designs.

2. Rague Shine

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Best suited for dynamic and energetic branding, bringing a playful and vibrant touch to designs.

3. Monoton

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for retro-themed designs and music-related graphics, offering a nostalgic and unique look.

4. GeoMath 1

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Geometrically inspired, perfect for educational content, tech presentations, and scientific designs.

5. TAN Moonlight

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: TAN Moonlight is elegantly romantic, great for wedding invitations and upscale branding projects.

6. Architype Bill

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Architectural and minimalist, fitting for professional portfolios and modern business logos.

7. Kingred Youth

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Youthful and trendy, excellent for fashion branding and social media content targeted at younger audiences.

8. Chromium One

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Futuristic and bold, ideal for tech companies, sci-fi themed projects, and modern graphic designs.

9. Barabara

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Playful and fun, perfect for children's book covers, party invitations, and educational materials.

10. Cubic

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Geometric and abstract, suitable for artistic projects and designs requiring a structured yet creative feel.

11. Aprila

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Spring-inspired and elegant, great for seasonal marketing materials and floral business branding.

12. Cubao

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Font called Cubano is urban and modern, ideal for streetwear brands and contemporary art exhibitions.

13. Kare

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Health-focused and organic, perfect for wellness branding and natural product packaging.

14. Farmer Market

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Rustic and homely, excellent for local market branding, organic food labels, and farm-to-table restaurant menus.

15. Klose Slab expanded

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Klose Slab expanded is bold and impactful, suitable for attention-grabbing headlines and advertising campaigns.

16. Forma

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Both playful and sophisticated, Forma is great for corporate branding and magazine layouts.

17. Pacifico

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Casual and beachy, ideal for coastal-themed businesses, casual dining menus, and summer event promotions.

18. More Sugar

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Sweet and charming, perfect for bakery branding, dessert menus, and confectionery packaging.

19. Laries Script

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Personal and creative, suitable for blog headers, photography portfolios, and personalized stationery.

20. Froh

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Interesting and joyful, great for holiday-themed designs, party invitations, and celebratory graphics.

21. Rig Solid Bold Halftone

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Artistic and edgy, Rig Solid Bold Halftone is ideal for music posters, album covers, and modern art projects.

22. SK Quadratica

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Tech-savvy and sharp, perfect for digital startups, app interfaces, and modern corporate branding.

23. Megrim

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Abstract and unique, suitable for creative art galleries, experimental design projects, and innovative branding.

24. Stadio Now Poster

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Athletic and dynamic, ideal for sports marketing, event posters, and fitness brand promotions.

25. Made Barista

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Coffee-themed and stylish, Made Barista is great for café menus, coffee shop branding, and barista blogs.

26. 29LT Arapix

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: 29LT Arapix is a pixelated, modern font suitable for tech and digital-themed graphics and gaming interfaces.

27. Kumar One Outline

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Kumar One Outline is a geometrically strong font, ideal for impactful headlines and modern logo designs

28. Modak

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Playful and child-friendly, excellent for kids' entertainment, educational materials, and fun branding designs.

Want more funky fonts for Canva?

If you want to find more fonts and get access to milions of elements for Canva, browse my favorite site: Envato Elements.

They have all kinds of assets such as:

  • Fonts (40,000+)
  • Stock photos (9,3M+)
  • Graphic templates (270,000+)
  • Presentation templates (110,000+)
  • Stock videos (5,1M+)
  • Video templates (96,000+)
  • 3D elements (210,000+)
  • WordPress assets (6,500+)
  • Royalty-free music (140,000+)
So go ahead and check it out, I’m sure you will find the perfect font there.

How to choose the best funky fonts on Canva?

  • Consider the Project's Tone: Choose a font that matches the vibe of your project. For a fun, casual project, look for fonts with playful curves or irregular shapes.
  • Legibility: Ensure the font remains readable, especially for important text. Funky fonts can sometimes be complex, so clarity is key.
  • Uniqueness and Character: Look for fonts that have unique features and character. Funky fonts are great for making a bold statement and should stand out.
  • Color Compatibility: Some funky fonts work well with bright and bold colors. Consider how your font choice pairs with your design’s color scheme.
  • Scalability: Check how the font looks in different sizes. Some funky fonts might lose their appeal or become less legible when scaled down for smaller applications.

What are funky fonts usually used for?

  • Branding for Creative Businesses: Funky fonts are great for logos and branding materials, especially for businesses in creative industries like design, music, or fashion.
  • Eye-Catching Social Media Posts: To make social media graphics pop and stand out in a crowded feed, funky fonts can add an element of fun and creativity.
  • Event Invitations: For informal and fun events like parties or concerts, funky fonts can convey a sense of excitement and energy.
  • Advertising and Promotional Materials: Funky fonts can draw attention in advertising, making promotional content more engaging and memorable.
  • Personal Projects and Crafts: For personal projects like scrapbooking, greeting cards, or DIY crafts, funky fonts add a personal and whimsical touch.


Dive into Canva's treasure trove of funky fonts where I've spotlighted the crème de la crème for distinctive designs. Standouts include Kooka Expanded, perfect for modern flair; Rague Shine, which brings an energetic twist; and Monoton for that retro nostalgia. These three funky fonts are the heroes of any design, infusing your projects with personality and a distinctive edge. Whether you're jazzing up a social media post, personalizing a birthday card, or branding a startup, these fonts transform the mundane into something memorable. Let's unleash the fun and let your creativity run wild with Canva's best funky fonts!



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