23 Handwriting Fonts in Word That Showcase Elegance

Summary: In today's article, I dive into the fascinating world of Microsoft Word to unveil the 23 best handwriting fonts that add a personal and artistic touch to your documents. My top three favorites are:

  • Rastanty Cortez: A fluid and elegant cursive, perfect for personal letters and invitations.
  • Modern Love: Blends modern style with handwritten charm, ideal for stylish projects.
  • The Serif Hand: A unique mix of serif and script, offering great versatility.

These handwriting fonts in Word aren't just about aesthetics; they bring personality and uniqueness to every document. Whether it's for formal business material, creative designs, or personal notes, these fonts provide style and character. From crafting heartfelt invitations to creating standout business documents, my selection of the 23 best handwriting fonts in Word gives you the perfect font for every need. Explore with me how these fonts can transform your documents into something both beautiful and uniquely expressive.

1. Rastanty Cortez

  • About Rastanty Cortez: Ideal font for personal letters and invitations, Rastanty Cortez adds a touch of classic elegance with its fluid cursive style.

2. Modern Love

  • About: Modern Love is perfect for contemporary designs, offering a stylish, handwritten feel that's great for fashion and lifestyle branding.

3. The Serif Hand

  • About: With its unique mix of serif and script, The Serif Hand is versatile for business and creative documents, adding a polished yet personal touch.

4. Dreaming Outloud Pro Regular

  • About: Dreaming Outloud Pro Regular is well-suited font for inspirational quotes and personal blogs, providing a casual, dreamy handwriting style.

5. Palace Script M

  • About: Palace Script MT is ideal font for formal invitations and elegant branding, offering a sophisticated and ornate script.

6. Fairwater Script Regular

  • About: Best for bespoke stationery and artisanal branding, Fairwater Script Regular brings a bespoke elegance with its detailed script.

7. Cochocib Script Latin Pro

  • About Cochocib Script Latin Pro: This font is perfect for culinary branding and menus, offering a warm, inviting script that evokes artisanal quality.

8. Freestyle Script

  • About: Freestyle Script is great font for casual invitations and creative projects, providing a laid-back, flowing handwritten style.

9. Brush Script MT Italic

  • About: Ideal font for advertising and promotional materials, this font offers a dynamic, energetic script with a brush-like quality.

10. Alasassy Caps

  • About: Alasassy Caps is best for monogram designs and short titles, providing a bold and artistic statement in uppercase script.

11. Vladimir Script

  • About: This font is perfect for certificates and awards, offering a formal and distinguished script that conveys prestige.

12. Script MT Bold

  • About: Script MT Bold works well for headlines and titles in magazines or flyers, offering a bold and impactful script style.

13. The Hand

  • About: Best for personal diaries and journals, The Hand offers an intimate and authentic handwriting feel, like a personal note.

14. Lucida Handwriting Italic

  • About: This font is ideal for personal branding and signatures, providing a recognizable and elegant italic script.

15. Mistral

  • About: Mistral's free-flowing and expressive script is perfect for evocative branding and editorial designs, capturing the spontaneous energy of hand-written ink.

16. Ink Free

  • About: Ink Free is great for children's books and educational materials, offering a playful and legible handwriting style.

17. Segoe Script

  • About: Segoe Script is versatile for digital correspondence and web design, providing a modern, clean script that's highly legible.

18. Bradley Hand ITC

  • About: Best for personal blog headers and scrapbooking, Bradley Hand ITC offers a friendly and approachable handwritten style.

19. Fave Script Bold Pro

  • About: This font is perfect for bold statements in advertising and social media graphics, offering an assertive and modern script.

20. Forte Forward

  • About: Ideal for theatrical posters and event announcements, Forte Forward provides a dramatic and expressive script style.

21. Vivaldi Italic

  • About: Vivaldi Italic is best for classical music programs and formal event materials, offering an elegant and artistic script.

22. Modern Love Caps

  • About: Great for modern, minimalist designs, Modern Love Caps offers a contemporary twist on the classic script with its uppercase style.

23. Baguet Script Regular

  • About: This font is ideal for bakery branding and café menus, providing a cozy, handwritten feel that evokes a sense of warmth.

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How to choose the best handwriting font in Word?

  • Purpose of Document: Consider the purpose of your document. A formal letter may require a neat, cursive font, while creative projects could benefit from more casual styles.
  • Readability: Ensure the font is legible, especially for longer texts. Some handwriting fonts can be difficult to read in smaller sizes or dense paragraphs.
  • Compatibility: Check that the font displays consistently across different devices and software versions to avoid formatting issues.
  • Font Pairing: If you're using multiple fonts in a document, make sure the handwriting font pairs well with others in terms of style and visual harmony.
  • Personal Style: Reflect your personal style or the tone of the document. A whimsical font might suit personal invitations, while a more restrained style is better for professional communication.

What are handwriting fonts usually used for?

  • Personal Correspondence: To add a personal touch to letters, thank-you notes, or family newsletters.
  • Creative Projects: Ideal for scrapbooking, homemade cards, or other DIY projects where a personal, handcrafted feel is desired.
  • Educational Materials: Used in teaching resources to make materials more engaging or to mimic traditional handwriting styles for learning.
  • Event Invitations: Popular for wedding invitations, event announcements, or party invites to give them a unique, customized look.
  • Branding and Marketing: Small businesses or brands may use handwriting fonts in their marketing materials to convey a sense of authenticity and personal connection with their audience.


And that brings us to the end of our exploration into the world of Microsoft Word's handwriting fonts, where I've highlighted for you 23 standout choices that add a touch of personality and artistic finesse to your work. 

Feel free to dive in and experiment with these fonts in your next creative endeavor. If you're looking for a place to start, consider my top three recommendations: Rastanty Cortez, Modern Love, and The Serif Hand. Each of these fonts has a distinct character and can move your documents to new heights. Happy crafting, and relish the process of bringing a unique and personal vibe to your work. 



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