Fonts for Instagram

The best Instagram font generator.
Generate creative fonts & use them in ig posts, stories, comments, feed, name, bio or anywhere else.

    How to use Instagram Fonts

    Very simple:

    1. Type your text into the top field.
    2. Pick a font you love the most.
    3. Click on “Copy” next to it.
    4. Paste it to your instagram.

    Tadaa! You just generated yourself amazing font.

    Where can I use these fonts?

    Instagram Fonts from Goofy Designer can be used anywhere on Instagram. That includes:

    • Instagram posts,
    • Instagram stories,
    • Instagram bio,
    • Instagram name,
    • Instagram comments,
    • Instagram reels,
    • Headlines for text
    • or anywhere else on the platform. 
    You can also use these fonts on any other social media platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.

    Absolutely! You can combine classic Instagram text with these fonts, you can combine more of these fonts at once, you can even add emojis & other symbols to your text – just be creative.

    The best way to enjoy these fonts is to try them on.

    If you write a big pile of text with these fonts, it doesn’t look that good. That’s why I’d love to give you some tips.

    Things that look best written in these fonts are:

    Ig bio or name

    Use these fonts to create a unique designer-looking name, or headline in your biography.

    Headline of an Instagram post

    Another perfect usage: if you write something interesting into your post, or reel and you want to give it a heading, or a title, it might be a good idea to do so in a different font – that way it’s clear, what the following text will be about.

    Point out the important

    These fonts come in handy especially if you want to point something out. For example – if you have a lot of text in your post or story & you want to point out something – you need a text to stand out.

    Save this page!

    Save this page to your bookmarks, speed dials, or create a shortcut on your phone, so you can easily access it, and create beautiful fonts whenever you need to.