21 Newspaper Canva Fonts That Make Every Headline Pop

Summary: Today, I'm excited to share with you the best newspaper fonts you can find on Canva. My favorite trio are these: 

  • The Seasons – Versatile font that perfectly captures the essence of modern journalism.
  • Engravers’ Old English – Timeless classic, ideal for prestigious or historical sections.
  • Times New Roman – Professional font, a staple in the newspaper industry for decades.

I have a deep appreciation for newspaper fonts! They're not just letters on a page; they're the voice of the story being told. In the current era, these fonts have evolved from the press to the screen, maintaining their impact and versatility. They're used extensively in online articles, print newspapers, marketing materials, and more, proving their enduring appeal and wide range of applications.

Now, let's dive into my complete list of the best newspaper fonts available on Canva, where style meets substance in every typeface.

TOP 21 best newspaper fonts on Canva

  1. The Seasons – Free
  2. Engravers’ Old English – Free
  3. Times New Roman – Free
  4. Quattrocento – Free
  5. Solway – Free
  6. Weiss – Canva Premium
  7. Bookmania – Canva Premium
  8. Rebolt Vintage – Canva Premium
  9. Cinzel Decorative – Free
  10. Dream Avenue – Free
  11. Mak – Free
  12. Noto Serif Display – Free
  13. Courier PS – Free
  14. Yearbook Outline – Free
  15. Fraunces – Free
  16. Perandory – Free
  17. Goudy – Canva Premium
  18. Cochin – Canva Premium
  19. Catchy Mager – Free
  20. Tan New York – Free
  21. Old Standard – Free

1. The Seasons

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for feature stories or lifestyle sections, The Seasons offers a warm, inviting feel with a touch of elegance.

2. Engravers’ Old English

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Best suited for formal and traditional sections like obituaries, offering a dignified and historic charm.

3. Times New Roman

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: A classic choice for body text, Times New Roman is known for its readability, professional appearance, and timeless appeal.

4. Quattrocento

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Great for elegant headlines or editorials, Quattrocento blends readability with a touch of sophistication and artistic flair.

5. Solway

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Versatile for both body text and subheadings, Solway offers clarity, a modern look, and a clean, uncluttered appearance.

6. Weiss

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Suitable for headlines or pull quotes, Weiss provides a distinctive, classic style with a hint of old-world charm.

7. Bookmania

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Ideal for feature articles and opinion pieces, Bookmania offers a friendly and approachable tone with a playful twist.

8. Rebolt Vintage

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Perfect for special feature titles or retro-themed sections, adding a vintage flair and nostalgic feel to the layout.

9. Cinzel Decorative

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Best for decorative purposes or special headings, Cinzel Decorative gives a majestic, ancient feel with a grand touch.

10. Dream Avenue

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Suitable for creative or lifestyle sections, Dream Avenue offers a whimsical, light-hearted tone and a dreamy ambiance.

11. Mak

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Great for infographics or modern news sections, Mak offers a clean, contemporary look with a sleek, minimalist design.

12. Noto Serif Display

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for headlines and titles, Noto Serif Display balances elegance with high impact, offering visual appeal and clarity.

13. Courier PS

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Best for mimicking a classic typewriter look, suitable for opinion columns or historical features with a nostalgic vibe.

14. Yearbook Outline

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Perfect for special announcements or feature headings, Yearbook Outline offers a bold, nostalgic feel and a standout character.

15. Fraunces

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Suitable for headlines and subheadings, Fraunces provides a friendly yet authoritative tone with a distinctive, memorable style.

16. Perandory

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for unique feature articles or sections needing a distinct, modern style, Perandory adds a fresh, avant-garde element.

17. Goudy

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Great for traditional editorial sections, Goudy offers a timeless and readable style with a sense of heritage and reliability.

18. Cochin

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About: Suitable for elegant, high-end feature stories or magazine-style sections, Cochin brings a sophisticated, refined elegance.

19. Catchy Mager

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Best for catchy headlines or advertisements, Catchy Mager offers a sleek, modern look with a dynamic, contemporary edge.

20. Tan New York

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Ideal for fashion or lifestyle sections, Tan New York provides a stylish, contemporary feel with a chic, urban twist.

21. Old Standard

  • Free or paid: Free
  • About: Perfect for historical articles or classical features, Old Standard evokes a sense of timelessness and scholarly depth.

Want more newspaper fonts fonts for Canva?

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How to choose the best newspaper fonts on Canva?

  • Readability and Legibility: The primary purpose of a newspaper is to convey information clearly. Fonts should be easy to read, even at smaller sizes. Serif fonts are often preferred for body text due to their legibility.
  • Appropriate Style: The font should match the tone and style of the newspaper. Traditional newspapers might opt for classic, time-tested fonts like Times New Roman or Garamond, while modern or specialized publications might choose more contemporary styles.
  • Versatility: A good newspaper font should work well in various contexts, from headlines to captions. It should be versatile enough to look good in bold, italic, or underlined forms.
  • Distinctiveness: The font should help the newspaper stand out and be recognizable, but without compromising readability. Unique fonts can be used for headings or feature sections.
  • Printing and Digital Compatibility: Consider how the font will look in both print and digital formats. Some fonts may look great on a printed page but lose clarity on a screen, and vice versa.

What are newspaper fonts usually used for?

  • Headlines: Bold and impactful fonts are used for headlines to grab attention. These are usually larger in size and can be either serif or sans-serif, depending on the newspaper's style.
  • Body Text: For the main text of articles, more readable, mostly serif fonts are used. These are designed to be easy on the eyes for long reading sessions.
  • Subheadings and Captions: These elements often use a smaller or slightly different style compared to the main body text or headlines. The choice here can vary, ranging from slightly bolder or italicized versions of the body text font to entirely different yet complementary fonts.
  • Special Sections (like Weather, Sports, etc.): These sections might use more unique or stylized fonts to distinguish them from the rest of the newspaper.
  • Branding and Identity: Newspapers often have a signature font for their nameplate (the title on the front page), contributing to their brand identity and recognition.


I think that newspaper fonts on Canva are like the cornerstone of journalistic expression, each carrying its unique story and style. Rooted deeply in the history of print media, these fonts bring the essence of news reporting to life, from the traditional to the contemporary. The Seasons, Engravers' Old English, and Times New Roman, in particular, stand out as exemplary choices, each bringing a distinct flavor to the table.



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