31 Best Serif Fonts You Can Find in Microsoft Word

Summary: In this dive into Microsoft Word, I've scoped out 31 of the best serif fonts you can find there. Here are my top three picks:

So, let's take a stroll through the world of Word's serif fonts. I've handpicked 31 that are just perfect for spicing up your documents. Whether it's crafting that killer resume, designing a cool poster, or just sprucing up a school essay, these serif fonts are your secret weapon for adding some serious style. Ready to explore and find your new favorite font? Let's get started and give your words a whole new look!

1. Times New Roman

  • About: The quintessential choice for academic papers, business documents, and professional publications due to its classic, clear, and authoritative style.

2. Goudy Old Style

  • About: Ideal for projects requiring an elegant, slightly vintage feel, like historical articles, wedding invitations, and book publishing.

3. Georgia Pro

  • About: A versatile font great for web content and digital reading, known for its readability on screens and print alike.

4. Baskerville Old Face

  • About: Perfect for literary works and formal documents, offering a refined and scholarly look with its sharp serifs.

5. Sitka Text

  • About: Suitable for both digital and print media, its clarity and unique style make it ideal for diverse types of content.

6. Modern No. 20

  • About: Best used for artistic and fashion-related documents, offering a chic and stylish appearance for avant-garde projects.

7. Aptos Serif

  • About: Excellent for branding and marketing, its contemporary design adds a sophisticated and modern touch to business materials.

8. BatangChe

  • About: BatangChe offers a clean, crisp design with well-defined serifs, ideal for formal documents that require a touch of sophistication without sacrificing readability.

9. Century Schoolbook

  • About: A go-to font for textbooks and educational materials, known for its readability and friendly appearance.

10. Bookman Old Style

  • About: Great for both body text and headings in publishing and media, offering a warm and accessible feel.

11. Californian FB

  • About: Suited for elegant, literary publications and personal correspondence, with its refined and graceful design.

12. Palatino Linotype

  • About: A versatile font for both print and digital media, ideal for a wide range of applications from creative projects to formal reports.

13. Chamberi Super Display Regular

  • About: Perfect for large-scale display use like headlines and posters, offering a bold and impactful presence.

14. Aparajita

  • About: Aparajita is a fluid, elegant font with a touch of formality, perfect for invitations, editorial headings, and any document needing a graceful, refined serif typeface.

15. Plantagenet Cherokee

  • About: This font brings a unique elegance to documents, making it a great choice for ceremonial occasions and official documentation requiring a dignified serif typeface.

16. Elephant Pro

  • About: Best for attention-grabbing headlines and advertising, with its bold and distinctive style making a strong visual impact.

17. Mr Gabe

  • About: A playful and creative font, perfect for children's books, informal invitations, and whimsical design projects.

18. Garamond

  • About: A timeless choice for publishing, academic works, and elegant invitations, known for its classic, sophisticated look.

19. Constantia

  • About: Great for both on-screen and print, its clean and uncluttered style is well-suited for business and academic documents.

20. Iskoola Pota

  • About: Iskoola Pota is a versatile serif font that offers a clean and modern look, ideal for documents requiring clarity with a subtle, stylish flair.

21. Book Antiqua

  • About: A versatile font for a range of applications, from corporate documents to creative design, known for its readability and classic style.

22. Lucida Bright

  • About: Excellent for technical and educational content, offering clarity and a contemporary twist on traditional serif fonts.

23. Mongolian Baiti

  • About: Mongolian Baiti features elegant, sharp serifs and distinctive letter shapes, making it a prime choice for formal documents that demand a sleek and clear typeface.

24. Bodoni MT

  • About: Suited for fashion magazines, advertising, and elegant invitations, offering a striking and high-contrast design.

25. MS PMincho

  • About: MS PMincho presents a classic, elegant style ideal for formal documents that require a touch of sophistication and a highly legible typeface for extended reading.

26. Vijaya

  • About: Vijaya is a graceful font that is best used for conveying elegant simplicity in Tamil-scripted documents, from literary works to modern graphic design.

27. FrankRuehl

  • About: The FrankRuehl font, characterized by its strong and clear serifs, is highly suitable for formal documents, offering a blend of traditional readability and modern elegance.

28. Perpetua

  • About: A great choice for editorial and design work, known for its elegant and clean lines, suitable for both body text and headings.

29. Calisto MT

  • About: Ideal for business communications and publishing, offering a solid, readable style that works well in a variety of contexts.

30. Sagona Regular

  • About: Perfect for modern, design-forward projects, its contemporary style adds a chic and sophisticated touch.

31. Kokila

  • About: With its clean and stylish design, Kokila is perfect for conveying sophistication in invitations, literary works, and documents that require an elegant Hindi script typeface.

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How to choose the best serif font in Word?

  • Readability and Legibility: Select serif fonts that are easy to read, especially for long texts. This is crucial for documents like reports or books.
  • Document Purpose: Align the font with the document's intent. Formal documents often benefit from traditional serifs, while creative projects might use more decorative serif styles.
  • Font Weight and Style: Consider different weights (like bold or italic) and styles for versatility in various sections of your document.
  • Pairing with Other Fonts: Think about how the serif font pairs with other fonts. Serifs typically pair well with sans-serif fonts for contrast and balance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Choose a font that resonates with the overall aesthetic of your document or brand. Serif fonts range from classic and elegant to modern and edgy.

What are serif fonts usually used for?

  • Printed Documents: Serif fonts are often used in printed materials like books, newspapers, and magazines due to their readability in long-form text.
  • Professional and Academic Works: These fonts are a popular choice for formal documents, including business reports, academic papers, and resumes.
  • Branding and Marketing: Serif fonts can lend a sense of credibility and tradition, making them suitable for branding materials and advertisements.
  • Web Design and Digital Media: Despite the dominance of sans-serif fonts in digital media, serifs are increasingly used for headlines and user interfaces to add character and readability.
  • Creative Projects: They are also used in creative and artistic projects like invitations, posters, and book covers, where a touch of elegance or classic style is desired.


To conclude, I must point out that Microsoft Word's serif fonts, Times New Roman, Goudy Old Style, and Georgia Pro stand out. These fonts bring professionalism and clarity to any document, from formal reports to creative projects. They're your go-to choices for impactful, stylish typography in Word. Give them a try and watch your documents shine!



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