24 Spooky Canva Fonts That’ll Scare Even Halloween

Summary: in this article I picked 24 spooky, scary and original fonts on Canva that are simply perfect for Halloween. My favorite trio is:

  • Jeepers – Which is like the perfect font for any Halloween themed design
  • Amstrong – That adds a bit of medieval feel to designs
  • Charu Chandan Blood Drip – which as you can guess has amazing “blood dripping” letters

Choosing the right Halloween or spooky font in Canva can transform your design from ordinary to extraordinarily eerie. These fonts add a dash of mystery and horror, setting the mood for anything from party invites to horror movie night posters. Ready to embark on this chilling design journey? Let's dive into the world of Halloween and spooky fonts on Canva!

TOP 24 spooky Halloween fonts on Canva

  1. Jeepers – Free
  2. Amstrong – Canva Premium
  3. Charu Chandan Blood Drip – Free
  4. Drunken Hour – Free
  5. Stella – Free
  6. Scary Stories – Canva Premium
  7. Tallows Sans Pen – Free
  8. Shlop – Free
  9. Carlitos – Canva Premium
  10. Beast – Canva Premium
  11. Rubik Beastly – Free
  12. The Mariam – Canva Premium
  13. Abys – Free
  14. Hours – Canva Premium
  15. Butcherman Caps – Free
  16. Inside – Canva Premium
  17. Kust – Free
  18. Hellprint – Canva Premium
  19. Black and White Picture – Free
  20. Futura Display – Free
  21. Gulfs Display – Free
  22. Nectarine – Free
  23. Pony Club – Free
  24. Bernier Shade – Free


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Jeepers: Its drippy characters give the impression of frightful creatures scurrying in the shadows, perfect for creepy, bug-themed Halloween designs.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Amstrong: This font with its imposing presence evokes a historical and scary atmosphere, making it ideal for vintage-style Halloween posters or thriller book covers.

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Charu Chandan Blood Drip

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Charu Chandan Blood Drip: Perfect for a vampire-themed Halloween event or horror film festival with its blood-curdling drip effect and gothic charm.

Drunken Hour

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Drunken Hour: This font's disorienting nature mirrors a trip into the supernatural realm, making it a great choice for haunted pub crawl posters or horror-themed blog headers.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Stella: With its balloon-like characters and a shiny finish, it's perfect for creating eye-catching Halloween invitations or posters with a playful and luminous touch.

Scary Stories

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Scary Stories: With its ghostly aura, it's the perfect font for sharing spine-chilling Halloween tales on party invitations or scary storybook covers.

Tallows Sans Pen

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Tallows Sans Pen: Its ethereal, pen-written style brings a haunted elegance to any Halloween-themed project, be it spooky greeting cards or creepy event signage.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Shlop: Its dripping letters bring to life the horror and gore of Halloween, making it ideal for horror movie night flyers or haunted house signage.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Carlitos: The curls and brush of this font are perfect for creating playful, friendly ghost-themed party invites, adding a touch of charm to your Halloween festivities.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Beast: This scrapy font can invoke the feeling of lurking monsters and is ideal for conveying the excitement of your Halloween event on posters or web banners.

Rubik Beastly

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Rubik Beastly: Its bold and sharp characters can bring a touch of unsettling energy to your Halloween party invitations or horror-themed game designs.

The Mariam

  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About The Mariam: The old-like and classy feel adds a sense of rich vampire family, making it a sinister choice for haunted house party signage or horror-themed merchandise.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva

    About Abys: With its bold, brush-like effect it's perfect for designing Halloween invitations or posters that need to evoke fear and curiosity.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Hours: The mysterious aura of this font is ideal for creating suspenseful escape room Halloween event flyers or for use in thrilling mystery game designs.

Butcherman Caps

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Butcherman Caps: The font conjures up an image of a spooky butcher's shop, making it perfect for a Halloween BBQ party invitation or a horror-themed cookbook.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Inside: The distorted nature of this font creates a sense of unease, making it ideal for a Halloween horror story competition poster or a ghostly themed website.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Kust: Its abstract brushstroke design gives an artistic, yet haunting touch to an elegant, adult Halloween soiree invite or a gothic-themed art exhibition poster.


  • Free or paid: Free with Canva Premium
  • About Hellprint: With its bold, antique style, this font is perfect for creating a vintage-feeling Halloween event poster or flyers that evoke a touch of the past.

Black and White Picture

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Black and White Picture: This distressed font can bring a playful scare to a retro Halloween party invite or antique ghost story book cover.

Futura Display

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Futura Display: Its geometric design, with a touch of the uncanny, is perfect for a modern, chic Halloween-themed poster or stylish ghost-themed blog header.

Gulfs Display

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Gulfs Display: With its ghostly, distorted characters, it's great for attention-grabbing Halloween sale posters in stores or an eerie themed online ad.


  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Nectarine: This bold and playful font is perfect for a children's Halloween party invite or a fun, witch-themed storyboard.

Pony Club

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Pony Club: Its friendly, handwritten style, with a touch of magic, is perfect for crafting a Halloween-themed unicorn party invitation or a mystical storybook for kids.

Bernier Shade

  • Free or paid: Free on Canva
  • About Bernier Shade: Its distressed and shadowed characters lend a vintage and eerie feel, making it an excellent choice for a haunted fairground flyer or spooky antique shop signage.

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How to choose the best Halloween font in Canva?

  • Set the Mood: Halloween fonts should create a sense of spooky or eerie ambiance. So, I personally look for fonts that are slightly irregular, distorted, or have a gothic appeal.
  • Readability: While it's fun to go all out with creepy, distorted fonts, it's essential that your message is easily legible. If your audience can't read it, the impact is lost.
  • Theme: The font you choose should match the theme of your design. If it's a fun, kid-friendly Halloween party, I'd opt for more playful fonts, whereas for a horror movie night, I'd lean towards more intense, creepy fonts.
  • Font Pairing: Mixing fonts can create a dynamic look. I often pair a decorative Halloween font for headers with a simpler font for body text to maintain readability.

What are spooky fonts usually used for?

  • Halloween Invitations: If you're throwing a Halloween party and crafting your invites on Canva, a spooky font can set the eerie mood right off the bat.
  • Event Posters: Hosting a haunted house or a horror movie marathon? A spooky font can add a touch of fear factor to your poster designs.
  • Social Media Graphics: For posts related to Halloween or horror-themed content, a spooky font can help drive the message home.
  • Decorations: If you're designing DIY Halloween decor elements on Canva, a creepy font can add an extra layer of spookiness.
  • Menu Design: If you're hosting a Halloween-themed dinner or a horror movie night, a spooky font on your Canva-designed menu can complement the overall theme.


Finding the perfect spooky Halloween font on Canva comes down to capturing the spirit of the occasion while ensuring your message is clear. The best fonts add that ‘creepy' factor without sacrificing readability, and they align with the tone of your project. Whether you're creating party invitations, movie night posters, or social media content, a well-chosen spooky font can make all the difference.

If you want my top picks, I’d try JeepersAmstrong, or Charu Chandan Blood Drip. But trust your creative instincts and don't be afraid to experiment. After all, Halloween is all about the unexpected. Happy designing, and here's to a spook-tacular Halloween!



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