Upper & Lower Case Text Converter

The best upper/lower case text converter out there. Easily convert any upper case letters to lower case, lower case letters to upper case, create capitalized case, sentence case, title case, or inverted case. Simply click a button and the work is done!

How to use Text Converter

  1. Type or paste any text into the input field.
  2. Choose a button according to how you want to change your text
  3. Click on “Copy Text” button 
  4. Paste your text wherever you want.

Additionally, you can click on “Clear” if you want to delete all text in the input field. 

Upper case to lower case converter

One of the most common issues is accidentally leaving the caps lock on and typing something. I hate that. When that happens we usually don’t want to type the whole paragraph all over again. Well, worry not, because all you have to do now is click a button and your text is changed back to lower case. 

Lower case to upper case converter

But! If you ever need to change your lower case to upper case, you can do that too. Easy! Simply paste your text, and click a button and voilá, your text is all in capital letters. 

All functions

Lower case converter

If you're looking to uncapitalize text, making it uniform and sleek, this function is your go-to solution. It transforms all the letters in your text to lowercase, offering a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Perfect for when you need text that's unobtrusive yet readable. Simply copy and paste your text into the box, select the ‘lower case’ tab, and voilà – your content adopts a subtler, more understated form.”

Upper case converter

Designed for maximum impact, this function turns every letter in your text to uppercase, ensuring your message is loud, clear, and impossible to overlook. Ideal for headings, titles, or any content that demands attention, the UPPER CASE button is your tool for adding emphasis and strength to your words. Paste your text, click ‘UPPER CASE’, and watch as your text transforms into an assertive declaration.

Sentence case converter

The Sentence Case button breathes life into your beginnings, capitalizing the first letter of your input text. Ideal for crafting sentences with a proper start, it ensures that your text flows naturally. Just paste your content into the tool, hit the ‘Sentence Case' button, and watch as your text transforms, embodying the essence of a well-structured sentence.

Capitalized case converter

Capitalized Case button is designed to uppercase the first letter of every word in your text, setting a tone of importance and formality. Perfect for titles, headings, or any text where every word matters, it gives your content a polished, distinguished look. Use this when you want your text to stand out with elegance and professionalism. Paste your content, select ‘Capitalized Case', and your text will immediately reflect a refined stature.

Title case converter

Title Case converter enhances the Capitalized Case by applying English grammar rules, adjusting for exceptions like ‘a', ‘the', and ‘of'. It’s designed for texts that require a sophisticated touch, ensuring that your titles follow proper English styling. Ideal for book titles, article headers, or any professional document. Paste your text, hit ‘Title Case’, and observe as it transforms, marrying elegance with grammatical precision.

Inverse case converter

Add a twist to your text with the iNVERSE cASE feature. This playful converter flips the case of each letter in your text, turning uppercase into lowercase and vice versa. It’s a fun way to give your text a unique, attention-grabbing look, perfect for social media posts, creative projects, or just to add a bit of whimsy to your messages. Simply paste your text into the tool, select the ‘iNVERSE cASE’ tab, and watch the magic happen, as your text adopts an entirely new personality.