14 Best Websites for Downloading Fonts (Free & Premium)

Summary: In my today's article, I dive into the fourteen best font websites for sourcing both free and premium fonts. But first check out my top three choices:

  • Envato Elements: The most amazing source of thousands of premium fonts.
  • Google Fonts: Expansive library of free fonts under Google.
  • Monotype: An elite selection of high-quality typefaces perfect for professional branding.

Looking for the perfect font is a bit like searching for the right ingredients to complete your design. It's a process that can transform your work from good to memorable. In my efforts to make this search simpler, I've sifted through a variety of font websites, paying attention to their selection, quality, and how easy they are to use. Whether you're aiming to refine a professional brand or add a personal touch to your hobby projects, the ideal font resource is out there. Let's explore together the best places to find both free and premium fonts, each chosen to help your creative vision come to life.

TOP 14: best font websites

  1. Envato Elements (Top Pick) – Paid
  2. Google Fonts – Free
  3. Monotype – Paid
  4. The League of Moveable Type – Free
  5. Creative Market – Paid
  6. DaFont – Personal use free
  7. Creative Fabrica – Free
  8. My Fonts – Paid
  9. Font Squirrel – Free
  10. Type Type – Paid
  11. Font Struct – Free
  12. Font Space – Personal use free
  13. Font Fabric – Free & Paid
  14. Urban Fonts – Free

1. Envato Elements

The best source of thousands of amazing premium fonts along with millions of graphics, elements, and much more.

  • Free or paid: Paid
  • Size of library: 48,000+ fonts & millions of other assets
  • Type of media: Fonts, stock photos, images and videos, music and sound effects, graphic templates, presentations, wordpress, and much more.
  • About: Envato Elements is literally one of the best places to get your fonts. It is a huge library with almost 50 thousand amazing fonts and even more other assets (like millions of photos, videos, graphic templates, etc.).
  • Why Envato: What I love about Envato is, that it offers unlimited access to everything. Which means that you pay only around $16 per month, and you can download literally all of the assets Envato offers. That means access to all 50 thousand fonts, millions of photos, graphic elements, videos, templates, and much more. It offers the best value you can get on the market, and I couldn’t be more happy to recommend it. 

2. Google Fonts

Widely used free font directory providing easy access to a lot of of web fonts for digital projects.

  • Free or paid: Free for personal and commercial use (most of the fonts are licensed under the SIL Open Font License)
  • Size of library: 1500+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: Google Fonts offers a vast collection of open-source fonts that can be used freely across various projects, including web design and print. With an easy-to-use interface and integration with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress, it's a go-to resource for high-quality typography.

3. Monotype

Offers high-quality fonts, catering to professional projects with a focus on typography excellence.

  • Free or paid: Paid
  • Size of library: Over 150.000+ typefaces
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: Monotype provides premium fonts, including renowned typefaces like Helvetica and Times New Roman. Their library spans a wide range of styles and languages, catering to diverse design needs, and their fonts are trusted by designers worldwide for their quality and reliability.

4. The League of Moveable Type

Pioneer in open-source typography, offering free fonts with a focus on quality and design standards.

  • Free or paid: Free for any kind of use
  • Size of library: Nearly 20 open-source fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: As one of the first open-source font foundries, The League of Moveable Type champions the democratization of typography. Their collection features unique and carefully crafted fonts created by a community of designers, all available for free, promoting accessible and innovative typography for everyone.

5. Creative Market

Perfect platform for graphic designers to find unique premium fonts and other artistic resources.

  • Free or paid: Paid
  • Size of library: 88.000+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts, stock videos, graphics, templates, and more.
  • About: Creative Market offers a marketplace for designers to buy and sell various design assets, including fonts. Alongside premium fonts, they also provide a selection of freebies each week, making it a valuable resource for both professional and aspiring designers looking for unique and high-quality typefaces.

6. DaFont

Diverse collection of clearly categorized free fonts, making it a go-to for personal projects.

  • Free or paid: Free for personal use (some fonts require a payment for commercial use)
  • Size of library: Almost 40.000 fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: DaFont is a popular platform offering a vast repository of user-contributed fonts, both free for personal use and available for purchase for commercial projects. Its extensive library covers a broad spectrum of styles and themes, making it a favorite among designers seeking inspiration or specific font styles.

7. Creative Fabrica

Wide range of craft resources, including premium fonts, graphics, and craft designs.

  • Free or paid: Free for commercial use
  • Size of library: 4.600+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts, SVGs, graphics, embroideries, classes, and more.
  • About: Creative Fabrica provides a comprehensive range of fonts, graphics, and craft resources, catering to a diverse community of designers, crafters, and creators. With a combination of subscription-based access and individual purchases, it offers flexibility and affordability, ensuring designers can find the perfect fonts for their projects.

8. My Fonts

Large font resource, offering a vast selection from various foundries, suitable for all types of projects.

  • Free or paid: Paid
  • Size of library: 270.000+ available fonts (new fonts are constantly being added)
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: MyFonts is a leading marketplace for discovering and purchasing fonts, offering a vast selection of typefaces from independent designers and renowned foundries. With advanced search features and font identification tools, it's a valuable resource for designers seeking both classic and cutting-edge typography solutions.

9. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel specializes in fonts that are hand-selected for quality and commercial usability.

  • Free or paid: Free for commercial use only
  • Size of library: Not specified, but a hundreds of fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: Font Squirrel offers a collection of high-quality, commercially licensed fonts that are free for personal and commercial use. Their fonts are carefully selected for quality and legality, making it a trusted source for designers looking for free alternatives without compromising on professionalism.

10. Type Type

Collection of great fonts, focusing on quality, versatility, and contemporary design trends.

  • Free or paid: Paid
  • Size of library: 75+ font families (so 1000+ font faces)
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: Type Type specializes in premium Cyrillic and Latin typefaces, providing designers with elegant and functional typography solutions. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, their fonts are widely used in branding, editorial design, and advertising, offering designers versatile options for creating impactful visuals.

11. Font Struct

Community-driven platform for both amateur and professional designers to explore font creation.

  • Free or paid: Some fonts are completely free, while some are free for personal use only
  • Size of library: 76.400+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: FontStruct offers a unique platform for creating and sharing custom fonts using modular components. Most fonts can be downloaded, some are free and others are free for personal use only. There is also an editor that you can use to create your own fonts, which is a bit more challenging, but results in a unique font that you have designed specifically.

12. Font Space

Font Space features a wide range of free fonts submitted by designers around the world.

  • Free or paid: Free for personal use only
  • Size of library: 120.000+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: FontSpace hosts a vast collection of free fonts contributed by designers from around the world, spanning various styles and categories. With easy browsing and downloading options, it's a convenient resource for designers looking to expand their font library without breaking the bank.

13. Font Fabric

A mix of free, premium and in any case high-quality fonts suitable for a wide array of design projects.

  • Free or paid: Free & Paid (you need to double-check it with the desired font)
  • Size of library: 600+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts only
  • About: FontFabric is a digital type foundry known for its contemporary and versatile fonts, available for both personal and commercial projects. Their carefully crafted typefaces, ranging from display to text fonts, are designed with attention to detail and functionality, making them suitable for a wide range of design applications.

14. Urban Fonts

Excellent source for finding creative and unusual fonts for any project.

  • Free or paid: Free for both for personal and commercial use
  • Size of library: 8.000+ fonts
  • Type of media: Fonts and dingbats
  • About: Urban Fonts offers a diverse selection of free fonts catering to urban and contemporary design styles. With an emphasis on modern typography trends, their collection includes graffiti-inspired fonts, hand-drawn scripts, and geometric sans-serifs, providing designers with plenty of options for creating edgy and dynamic visuals.

What is the difference between font family, font face and typeface?

  • Font Family: A font family is a collection of related fonts, covering various weights, styles, and widths.
  • Font Face: A font face refers to a specific style within a font family, such as italic or bold.
  • Typeface: Typeface is the overall design of the lettering; the art that dictates how a font looks, including aspects like letter shape, width, and spacing. Essentially, the typeface is the design you see, the font family is the grouping of these designs, and the font face is the specific style of a font within its family.

What are font licence types?

Font licenses define the legal permissions and restrictions for using a font. They specify whether a font can be used for personal, commercial, or educational purposes, and detail the extent to which a font can be modified, shared, or distributed. Some licenses may allow free use with attribution, while others require a purchase for commercial use. Here are some types of font licences:

  • Commercial License: For use in commercial projects. Requires purchase.
  • Free for Personal Use: Free for non-commercial, personal projects only.
  • Open Source: Freely available for both personal and commercial use, often with requirements to share modifications.
  • Public Domain / GPL / OFL: No restrictions on usage, modification, or distribution.
  • Shareware: Partially free with an encouragement to pay or donate.
  • Demo: Free for personal use, but a limited version intended to preview before buying


Picking the perfect font is an important task for a designer. It makes a huge difference in the overall vibe of your design, and decides how people feel when they see it. Fonts can really make your projects stand out – if you pick the correct one.

In this article, I've introduced you to fourteen great font sources, but the one, that I would recommend the most is certainly Envato Elements. It offers the best value for amazing price, along with a vast selection of fancy fonts suitable for any project. And if you’re looking for more options, simply choose any other of these provided websites, I can assure you, they will help you find exactly what you need, whether it's for fun projects or more serious work. 



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