26 Filipino Fonts That Will Add a Cultural Twist to Your Design

Summary: Today, I've specially curated a list of 26 Filipino fonts that are more than just letters on a screen—they're fragments of our shared identity as Filipinos. Allow me to introduce you to my personal TOP 3:

  • Quisas:  Quisas is as inviting as a hammock strung between two coconut trees. My Fave!
  • Karin: The rich blend of our culinary heritage meets a modern twist.
  • Burra: This font is the life of the party, just like our local fiestas.

So here's the thing: selecting the right Filipino font is like choosing the perfect pair of handcrafted earrings from Palawan—it adds a unique and personal touch. Fonts aren't merely decorative; they add depth and context, embodying the very essence of our Filipino spirit. Whether you're designing a tourist brochure for Boracay or creating a modern-day Alibata-inspired digital art, the right font can elevate your project from “pwede na” to “excellent!” So, kababayan, let's dive in and find that perfect font that resonates with both your project and our rich Filipino heritage.


  • License: Envato
  • About Quisas: Quisas adds a whimsical and casual flair, encapsulating the relaxed Filipino vibe of island life.


  • License: Envato
  • About Karin: This font captures the essence of the Philippines elegance and modern taste, making it an excellent choice for fashion and luxury brands.


  • License: Envato
  • About Burra: Reminds me of the Filipino love for vibrant and festive colors, this psychedelic font offers an adventurous spirit for creative projects.


  • License: Envato
  • About Amazoone: With its strong brush strokes, this font delivers the bold and expressive nature of the culture, ideal for strong messages and campaigns.


  • License: Envato
  • About Bhiure: Design reminds me of Filipino Textiles, Bhiure is an embodiment of the Philippines’ cultural roots.


  • License: Envato
  • About Leronine: Representing Filipino elegance, Leronine offers an elegant look with clean lines, making it an excellent choice for upscale and luxurious projects.


  • License: Envato
  • About Elysia: With its graceful and refined design, this font reflects the Filipino affinity for elegance and classic beauty.

Morphin Power

  • License: Envato
  • About Morphin Power: This font captures the Philippines' vibrant energy, making it an excellent option for cultural and festive themes.

Olive Citrus

  • License: Envato
  • About Olive Citrus: This font offers a blend of the nation's natural beauty and modern sophistication, perfect for projects that require an organic yet upscale vibe.

Tropic Fresh

  • License: Envato
  • About Tropic Fresh: Embodying the freshness of Filipino beaches and tropical lifestyle, this font is perfect for travel or health-conscious brands.

Agiary Signs

  • License: Envato
  • About Agiary Signs: With its script-like characters, this font showcases the Filipino penchant for personalized and intimate settings.


  • License: Envato
  • About Mayes: Being a variable font, Mayes echoes the diversity and multifaceted culture of the Philippines, offering a dynamic range of design possibilities.


  • License: Envato
  • About Kapuas: With a handwritten feel, this font reflects the Filipino appreciation for personal and crafted designs.

Tropical Serif

  • License: Envato
  • About Tropical Serif: This font is a nod to the Philippines' tropical paradise, bringing in professionalism with its serif touch for travel or lifestyle projects.


  • License: Envato
  • About Aura: Offering a warm and friendly vibe, Aura captures the welcoming nature of Filipino culture while maintaining a professional look.

Alistair Morrison

  • License: Envato
  • About Alistair Morrison: Versatile and balanced, this font encapsulates the harmonious blend of modernity and tradition in Filipino design.

Kicked Display

  • License: Envato
  • About Kicked Display: A strong display font that echoes the Filipino spirit of resilience and impact, perfect for headings and logos.


  • License: Envato
  • About Maricle: Reflecting the Philippines' fast-evolving design landscape, this geometric and modern font is sleek and sophisticated.


  • License: Envato
  • About Cobya: A variable font that encapsulates the dynamic and adaptable Filipino spirit in modern design settings.


  • License: Envato
  • About Griggs: Offering customization and flexibility, this font reflects the Philippines diverse and adaptable cultural landscape.


  • License: Envato
  • About Miloner: With its mix of curves and edges, this font portrays a balance between strength and approachability, mirroring the culture's social dynamics.


  • License: Envato
  • About Zolina: Clean and geometric, Zolina brings the modern Filipino design aesthetic into any project with harmony and elegance.


  • License: Envato
  • About Mollas: Designed for both form and function, Mollas is excellent for text-heavy projects, reflecting the Filipino value for practicality and style.


  • License: Envato
  • About Boyrun: Capturing the youthful and casual spirit of the Philippines, this handwritten font is perfect for lighthearted and engaging content.


  • License: Envato
  • About Blockmod: Embodying the Philippines’ modern infrastructure and tech-savvy lifestyle, this blocky font is ideal for industrial or technological branding.


  • License: Envato
  • About Delgos: With its minimalist yet impactful design, Delgos is a testament to Filipino modernism, adding a sophisticated touch to any project.

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What are Filipino fonts?

  • Cultural Reflection: Filipino fonts often incorporate design elements that reflect the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines, from its indigenous roots to Spanish and American influences.
  • Island Vibes: Many Filipino fonts capture the relaxed, tropical essence of the country’s more than 7,600 islands, perfect for travel and tourism-oriented designs.
  • Modern and Traditional Fusion: These fonts may blend traditional Filipino characteristics with modern design elements, mirroring the country's dynamic blend of old and new.
  • Expression of Festivity: Reflecting the country's love for festivals and celebrations, some Filipino fonts are colorful, vibrant, and full of flair.
  • Elegance and Sophistication: Some Filipino fonts aim for an elegant and refined look, which is suitable for luxury brands and upscale events.
  • Urban Influences: Given the Philippines' rapidly modernizing cities, a subset of Filipino fonts capture this urban, tech-savvy trend.
  • Adaptability: The versatility of Filipino fonts allows them to be used in a wide range of media, from print and web to signage and advertising.

What is Alibata?

  • Pre-colonial Origins: Alibata, more accurately known as Baybayin, is an ancient script used in the Philippines before Spanish colonization.
  • Syllabic Structure: Unlike the Roman alphabet, Alibata is a syllabic script where each character represents a syllable.
  • Cultural Revival: There is a resurgence in interest in Alibata, especially among younger generations aiming to connect with their heritage.
  • Spiritual Connection: Traditionally, Alibata was used for inscriptions and religious texts, capturing the spiritual aspects of Filipino culture.
  • Modern Interpretations: Some contemporary Filipino fonts incorporate Alibata elements, adding a traditional touch to modern designs.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: The writing was often inscribed on bamboo, leaves, or even pottery, reflecting the craftsmanship and artistic inclinations of the culture.
  • Rarity: Alibata is not commonly used in modern times, but when it is, it adds a layer of cultural depth and historical context to the content.


Filipino fonts serve as a fascinating lens through which the rich tapestry of the country’s culture and values can be observed. These fonts embody the vibrant mix of modernity and tradition, encapsulating everything from the relaxed island vibes to the community-centered ethos of ‘Bayanihan.' Among the top choices, Quisas captures the casual flair and relaxed vibe of island life, making it a go-to for projects that aim for a laid-back, tropical aesthetic. Karin stands out for its focus on elegance and modern taste, ideal for brands seeking sophistication and luxury. Lastly, Burra reflects the Filipino love for vibrant colors and festivities, offering an adventurous spirit for creative endeavors. These fonts not only enhance design but also contribute to storytelling that resonates deeply with the Filipino experience.



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