12 Best Happy Birthday CapCut Templates

Summary: In this article, I'm excited to share with you the 12 best CapCut templates that I've found perfect for making birthday videos. Whether you're looking to create something sweet, fun, or just downright impressive, these templates are a game-changer. I've explored each one to help you find the perfect fit for your special birthday message, so let's dive in and start crafting a memorable tribute!

1. Happy Birthday!!!

  • Made by: dessa¹ⁿʸ
  • Tags: #trend #fy #amizade #momentos #1ny

2. HBD Vol.2

  • Made by: GZEZ STORY
  • Tags: #happybirthday #vlogstory #แฮปปี้เบิดร์เดย์ทูยู #fyp #viral

3. Netflix HBD

  • Made by: 0%
  • Tags: 4 รูป ซ้ำๆ #hbd

4. HBD2U

  • Made by: meow ! 🫗
  • Tags: #4photos #hbd #fypツ⁠ #happybirhday

5. Cute Happy Birthday

  • Made by: TasyaFadhilah
  • Tags: #happybirhday #happy #happybirthsemeday #fyp

6. Old School Birthday

  • Made by: AP designs
  • Tags: #1yearolder #birthday #happybirthday #discord #cute

7. Chic Happybirthday

  • Made by: nanas11
  • Tags: #ultah #hbd #EstetikCapCut #fyp #trend

8. Korean HBD 생일 템플릿

  • Made by: phiphinee
  • Tags: #생일 #라이프스타일

9. Screen Play HBD

  • Made by: rinniepixie
  • Tags: #fyp #hbd #happybirthday #lover

10. The Birthday

  • Made by: Meq11
  • Tags: #fyp

11. Haipi Besdey

  • Made by: jnnhmfthul
  • Tags: #happybirthday #ulangtahun #bestie #lucu #memelucu

12. It's Ur BIRTHDAY

  • Made by: 🌻
  • Tags: #capcuthq #birthday #happybirthday #fyp #foryou

What makes a good birthday video?

If you’re aiming to make a lovely birthday video, I think it’s always a good idea to try to gather some meaningful photos and clips, and sprinkle in heartfelt messages from friends and family. Choose a song they adore as the backdrop. Keep it sincere and focused on making them feel special and loved. It's all about reflecting the good times and showing them how much they mean to you.

How to use CapCut templates?

  1. Download CapCut: Ensure you have the latest version of the CapCut app installed on your device.
  2. Pick Your Template: You can either 1) pick any of the templates above, or 2) check our best CapCut trending templates page, or 3) visit GoofyDesigner.com/Category/CapCut, or 4) browse templates directly in the CapCut app to find trending options.
  3. Use the Template: Click on the “Use This Template on CapCut »” button. This will redirect you to the CapCut app where your template is ready to use.
  4. Select Your Media: Form your gallery, choose the photos and videos that you wish to feature in your video.
  5. Add Additional Edit: If needed, you can edit your videos now – you can select that part of your video you want to feature, or you can replace footage you’re not satisfied with.
  6. Export Your Video: Once you're happy with the edits, tap on ‘Export'. Choose your preferred format and resolution for the final video.
  7. Remove Watermark (Optional): If you wish to export the video without a watermark, select the option “Save and Share on TikTok”. This will save your video and prepare it for sharing on TikTok, typically without the CapCut watermark.


With these templates, you've got a variety of options to create a nice birthday video that fits the style you're looking for. Just pick the one that feels right, add your personal touches, and you're ready to make someone's day. It's all about putting a smile on their face and showing them you care, and these templates make it easy and enjoyable to do just that.



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