26 Leaf Fonts That Will Take Root in Your Audience’s Memory

Summary: Today, I've compiled a list of 26 remarkable leaf fonts that will immerse you in nature and lend your designs an organic touch. Here's a peek at my personal TOP 3:

  • Leafy: Envision it as nature's embrace for your text crisp and genuinely organic.
  • Florisa: Capturing the essence of blooming gardens, it offers a modern twist.
  • Amurez: An excellent pick for projects craving a hint of natural beauty.

Here's the thing: selecting the right leaf font is akin to choosing the perfect outfit for a garden party. It isn't just about the words, but their visual aura that elevates your design from “simple” to “simply stunning!” Whether you're fashioning green-themed posters or eco-friendly branding, the apt font sets the ambiance. So don't wait, dive into the world of leaf fonts and make your next design a nature-filled masterpiece!


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Leafy: A fresh and modern font, infused with subtle leaf motifs, perfect for eco-friendly branding.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Florisa: A whimsical font adorned with delicate flowers, evoking a feeling of spring and nature.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Amurez: A delicate and natural font inspired by the organic beauty of foliage and greenery.

The Floral

  • Licence: Envato
  • About The Floral: As its name suggests, a font elegantly sprinkled with floral accents for a soft, natural touch.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Verdant: A botanical display font capturing the essence of lush green landscapes and thriving gardens.

Tall & Tiny

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Tall & Tiny: A charming font duo capturing the contrasts of nature, from the towering trees to the delicate undergrowth.

The Munday

  • Licence: Envato
  • About The Munday: A typeface inspired by the wilderness, combining rustic charm with leafy elements.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Bushman: An earthy font set that carries the raw essence of the wild, with hints of leaves and twigs.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Branch: A font reminiscent of tree branches, intertwining and reaching out with organic elegance.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Flóra: A delicate floral font, each letter blossoming with the touch of nature's beauty.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Belukar: A unique display script capturing the intricate details of undergrowth and tropical foliage.

Moot Jungle

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Moot Jungle: A nature-inspired typeface, echoing the dense and mysterious vibes of a jungle.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Mallong: A typeface inspired by long, slender leaves, evoking elegance and nature's serenity.

Treva del Mar

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Treva del Mar: A font that combines maritime themes with leafy motifs, bridging sea and land.

Merry Jolly

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Merry Jolly: A cheerful font sprinkled with floral and leafy designs, perfect for joyful occasions.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Peomy: An extended font complemented by floral illustrations, perfect for elegant and nature-infused designs.

Secret Nature

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Secret Nature: A font shrouded in nature's mysteries, intertwining leaves with letters.

Nature Force

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Nature Force: A font that harnesses the raw power of nature, dynamic and bursting with leafy motifs.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Mollani: A flowing script infused with elements of nature, from flowers to leaves.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Garden: A romantic font, evoking a stroll through a lush and enchanting garden.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Molga: A font reminiscent of leafy shrubs, playful yet grounded in nature.

Green Brooks

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Green Brooks: A font that flows smoothly like a babbling brook through a leafy forest.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Klemon: A zesty font, with letters adorned with leaves, reminiscent of a lemon grove.

Hello Wild

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Hello Wild: A floral font that feels like a friendly greeting from nature herself.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Arthicoke: A decorative typeface, each letter intricately adorned with elements from nature's bounty.


  • Licence: Envato
  • About Moreganic: An organic font rooted in nature, perfect for eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

Want more amazing fonts?

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How to choose the best leaf fonts?

  • Identify the Nature's Essence: Opt for a font that encapsulates the organic, fresh, and green characteristics of leaves.
  • Ensure Readability: Choose a leaf font that remains legible across various sizes and platforms, from print to digital.
  • Complement Your Design: Ensure the leaf-inspired font harmonizes with other design aspects like color palettes, graphics, and background.
  • Versatility: Look for a leaf font collection that offers a range of weights and styles, facilitating design uniformity across diverse platforms.
  • Consider Your Audience: Go for a font that strikes a chord with the audience that will interact with your nature-themed or eco-friendly endeavor.

What are leaf fonts typically used for?

  • Eco-friendly Branding and Packaging: Leaf fonts provide a sustainable and earthy feel to branding materials.
  • Nature-based Digital Blogs and Websites: Such fonts offer an organic touch, making content feel grounded and relatable.
  • Printed Environmental Campaigns: Using leaf-themed fonts can emphasize the ecological message and connect more profoundly with readers.
  • Nature Documentary Titles: Leaf-inspired fonts can enhance the authentic natural aura of films focusing on environment and greenery.
  • Green Marketing and Advertising: Leaf fonts can convey an eco-conscious message in promotional materials, resonating with environmentally aware consumers.
  • Invitations for Outdoor Events: For gatherings or celebrations held in natural settings, leaf fonts perfectly set the tone.
  • Green Web and App UIs: For apps or websites centered on nature, sustainability, or eco-friendliness, leaf fonts provide a consistent and relevant user experience.


When choosing the perfect leaf font for your project, consider it the gentle whisper of nature that adds a touch of freshness and serenity. The right leaf-inspired font can transform your design, making it feel vibrant and full of life. It's crucial to find a font that can seamlessly blend in various settings, be it eco-friendly posters, green-themed websites, or sustainable brand packaging. If you're on the hunt for fonts that capture this harmony of beauty and functionality, Leafy, Florisa, and Amurez are your top picks. These fonts are the champions of the leaf font realm, offering a nature-filled aura without compromising on clarity or flexibility. So, dive in, select one of these treasures, and let your project bloom with nature's touch!



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