28 Scary Fonts to Add the Spooky Halloween Atmosphere

Summary: Today, I carefully handpicked 28 amazing spooky fonts that I think are perfect for Halloween themes. My TOP 3 favorites are:

  • Magic House – my top choice: beautiful yet well-readable font with spooky elements
  • Vamps Crime  – spooky, cracked and a bit drippy font perfect for bold scary texts
  • Horror Night – looks a bit like bloody scratches, very Halloweenish

When it comes to setting a spine-chilling tone, I think that nothing does the trick quite like the perfect spooky font. It's not just for Halloween; believe me: a well-chosen typeface can evoke mystery, suspense, or even terror in a variety of settings. Whether for a ghost story, a haunted event, or simply to add an eerie touch to a design, the right font can turn ordinary text into a gripping experience. So let's dive into the world of spooky fonts.

TOP 28 spooky Halloween fonts 

  1. Magic House – Envato
  2. Vamps Crime  – Envato
  3. Horror Night – Envato
  4. HelloGhost – Envato
  5. Black Wizard – Envato
  6. Halloween Secret – Envato
  7. Dracers – Envato
  8. Trick or Bite – Envato
  9. Halloween Island – Envato
  10. HauntedWitch – Envato
  11. Darkcy Halloween – Envato
  12. Spookyman – Envato
  13. Black Bones – Envato
  14. Monster Pumpkin – Creative Market
  15. Spooky Trick – Envato
  16. Melted Monster – Envato
  17. Hantu – Creative Market 
  18. BooSpooky – Envato
  19. Brain Melt – Envato
  20. Spooky Things – Creative Market
  21. Bone Lock – Envato
  22. Halloween Night – Creative Market
  23. Pumpkin Face – Envato
  24. Soul Eater – Envato
  25. Trick or Treat – Creative Market
  26. Halloween Scary – Creative Market
  27. Hallowedon – Creative Market
  28. Ghostly – Creative Market

Magic House

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Magic House: This mystical, well-readable font captures the essence of a haunted mansion. Perfect for Halloween invitations and eerie posters.

Vamps Crime

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Vamps Crime: With sharp edges reminiscent of vampire fangs, this font adds a bite of horror to any project. Ideal for crime and vampire-themed designs.

Horror Night

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Horror Night: This terrifying typeface channels the fright of a dark, haunted night. Perfect for horror movie titles and Halloween banners.


  • Licence: Envato 
  • About HelloGhost: A whimsical font with a bit of bone curves, making it ideal for friendly Halloween gatherings and ghostly children's books.

Black Wizard

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Black Wizard: Mysterious and magical, this font enchants any design with a touch of the supernatural. Perfect for wizard-themed parties.

Halloween Secret

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Halloween Secret: Shrouded in mystery, this font evokes the hidden secrets of All Hallow's Eve. Ideal for spooky scavenger hunts and hidden messages.


  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Dracers: A wild, elegant and well readable font, perfect for themes of Halloween or vampire house. Think fast and spooky!

Trick or Bite

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Trick or Bite: This playful font has a mischievous edges, making it great for Halloween party invitations or trick-or-treat bags.

Halloween Island

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Halloween Island: Evoke a haunted house vibe with this font. Perfect for mysterious Halloween themes.


  • Licence: Envato 
  • About HauntedWitch: A bold, well readable spooky font that's ideal for witch-themed decorations or potions labels.

Darkcy Halloween

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Darkcy Halloween: Dark and drippy, this font adds a touch of horror. Perfect for classic Halloween tales.


  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Spookyman: A quirky font that adds a touch of the crazy and eerie. Ideal for quirky Halloween decorations or comic horror stories.

Black Bones

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Black Bones: Skeleton-inspired, this font brings a macabre elegance. Great for graveyard-themed settings.

Monster Pumpkin

  • Licence: CreativeMarket 
  • About Monster Pumpkin: This font is reminiscent of carved pumpkins and monster faces. Perfect for Halloween crafting and decor.

Spooky Trick

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Spooky Trick: A dripppy, scary and spooky font that's perfect for Halloween games and fun-loving frights.

Melted Monster

  • Licence: Envato
  • About Melted Monster: A gooey and grotesque font that's ideal for conveying a sense of decay or melting horror.


  • Licence: CreativeMarket 
  • About Hantu: Inspired by Asian ghost stories, this font brings an exotic and eerie touch. Ideal for ghost Halloween themes.


  • Licence: Envato 
  • About BooSpooky: A playful font for a friendly fright, making it great for kids' Halloween parties and fun ghost stories.

Brain Melt

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Brain Melt: This font oozes terror, perfect for zombie themes or anything that evokes a meltdown of fear.

Spooky Things

  • Licence: CreativeMarket 
  • About Spooky Things: A cute and versatile font that's suitable for all things Halloween, from invites to decorations.

Bone Lock

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Bone Lock: A skeletal and rigid font, great for emphasizing the chilling and unbreakable nature of fear.

Halloween Night

  • Licence: CreativeMarket 
  • About Halloween Night: This very scary font captures the essence of a dark and thrilling Halloween night. Perfect for event posters.

Pumpkin Face

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Pumpkin Face: Carved to perfection, this font is ideal for anything related to jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin-themed events.

Soul Eater

  • Licence: Envato 
  • About Soul Eater: A haunting font that's perfect for conveying a sense of consuming terror. Ideal for ghost stories and dark tales.

Trick or Treat

  • Licence: CreativeMarket
  • About Trick or Treat: Playful and traditional, this font embodies the spirit of Halloween fun and is great for community events.

Halloween Scary

  • Licence: CreativeMarket
  • About Halloween Scary: A professional font with a hint of terror, perfect for Halloween-themed branding and design studios.


  • Licence: CreativeMarket
  • About Hallowedon: Withchy and spectral, this font adds a touch of haunted elegance to any design.


  • Licence: CreativeMarket
  • About Ghostly: Ethereal and drippy, this font evokes a cute otherworldly vibe. Perfect for ghostly apparitions and supernatural themes.

How to pick the best Halloween font?

  • Choose a Spooky Mood: Pick a font that aligns with the spooky atmosphere you want to create, whether terrifying, mystical, or whimsical.
  • Ensure Readability: Select a font that's both distinctive and legible to effectively convey your Halloween message.
  • Match Your Design: Choose a font that complements other design elements for a cohesive and spooky look.
  • Consider Your Audience: Tailor the font to suit the intended viewers, whether it's for a children's party or a more mature audience.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Sometimes the perfect spooky font is the one that just feels right, so trust your judgment and creativity.

What are spooky fonts usually used for?

  • Halloween Decorations and Invitations: Spooky fonts are synonymous with Halloween and are often used in party invitations, decorations, and themed advertising.
  • Horror and Mystery Book Covers: Authors and publishers use spooky fonts to create visually compelling covers for horror, mystery, and thriller genres.
  • Movie and Game Titles: In the entertainment industry, spooky fonts can be found in the titles and credits of horror films and video games, setting the mood before the story even begins.
  • Haunted Attractions: Whether it's a haunted house or a ghost tour, spooky fonts are used in signage and promotional materials to create an eerie atmosphere.
  • Themed Restaurants and Events: Spooky fonts might be used in menus, signage, and promotional materials for themed restaurants or events aiming to create a particular mood or ambiance.
  • Graphic Design Projects: For designers looking to add a touch of the macabre or supernatural to their work, spooky fonts can be an exciting tool, whether it's for a poster, website, or branding campaign.
  • Music Album Covers: Bands or artists who play in genres like gothic rock, heavy metal, or other darker-themed music may use spooky fonts on album covers or promotional materials.


So there you have it! Whether you're aiming for fright or delight, the perfect Halloween font can make all the difference, I can tell you that much. From ghastly to ghostly, the right typeface adds that special touch that captures the essence of the season. It's not just about the words you choose but how you present them. In the world of Halloween design, a font isn't just a style; it's a statement. So pick wisely, have fun with it, and let your creativity haunt your audience in the best way possible. If you want my top picks, definitely try fonts like Magic House, Vamps Crime, or Horror Night. Happy Halloween designing!



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