23 Tennis Fonts That Will Be a Grand Slam in Typography

Summary: In the exciting world of tennis fonts, I've handpicked the top 23 to add a special touch to your tennis projects. Here are my top 3 favorites:

  • Brockies: Dynamic and full of energy. Definitely my top choice!
  • Mudhead: Strong, bold, and really stands out. It's definitely high on my list.
  • Aougtron: Modern and athletic, it gives a fresh look to any tennis design.

Picking the right font for your tennis designs is like choosing the perfect outfit for a big match. Whether you're designing for a tennis event or just adding some flair to your sports gear, these fonts are your ticket to making a lasting impact. Jump in and find the perfect font to make your tennis designs truly remarkable!


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About Brockies: A dynamic sport display font, Brockies is perfect for capturing the energy and movement of tennis.


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About Mudhead: Designed for sports display, Mudhead offers bold and assertive lettering suitable for tennis branding.


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About Aougtron: An athletic font with a modern twist, Aougtron is ideal for contemporary tennis designs and apparel.

Endzone Express

  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About Endzone Express: A sport typeface that combines strength and agility, great for tennis team logos and promotional material.


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About BINNEK: Athletic and versatile, BINNEK is well-suited for tennis tournaments and sportswear branding.


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About RESADEN: This athletic font provides a strong, competitive edge, perfect for tennis apparel and marketing.


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About Tekrot: Offers a futuristic aesthetic, making it a great choice for modern tennis brands and sportswear.


  • Licence: Envato Elements
  • About LAROF: Athletic and robust, LAROF is ideal for tennis team logos, event branding, and sportswear.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Racket: As the name suggests, Racket is tailor-made for tennis, offering a unique style for event branding and gear.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About BAMEN: A bold and energetic athletic font, BAMEN is great for tennis-related designs and promotional materials.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Forsela: Forsela provides a sporty and respectful tone, suitable for tennis events, clubs, and sportswear branding.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About DRAMBOS: A sport display font that captures the dynamic and competitive spirit of tennis.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Sportihead: With a modern and sporty design, Sportihead is perfect for tennis gear, team branding, and promotional efforts.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Soceride: Though designed with soccer in mind, its sporty aesthetic makes Soceride a good fit for tennis branding.

Sport Bar

  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Sport Bar: A unique font that offers a casual and inviting feel, great for tennis clubs and community events.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About HOME TEAM: This soft sports font has a friendly and approachable style, ideal for local tennis teams and clubs.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Parallels: Offers a sleek and linear design, suitable for tennis event branding and modern sportswear.

Octin College

  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Octin College: A classic collegiate font, Octin College is perfect for tennis academies and educational sports programs.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About COACH STACKED: This sporty jersey font brings a traditional athletic feel, ideal for tennis team uniforms and branding.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Enforcer: Offers a strong, authoritative look, suitable for professional tennis leagues and competitive branding.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Gorilla: This type family provides a bold and impactful style, perfect for making a statement in the tennis world.

Middle Class

  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Middle Class: A script font that adds a personal touch, ideal for tennis events, branding, and promotional materials.


  • Licence: Creative Market
  • About Burial: A type family that combines modernity with tradition, suitable for a range of tennis-related applications.

Want more amazing fonts?

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How to choose the best tennis fonts?

  • Emphasizing Movement and Energy: Select fonts that capture the dynamic and fast-paced nature of tennis, reflecting the sport's energy and movement.
  • Sporty and Professional Appeal: Opt for fonts that strike a balance between athletic aesthetics and professionalism, avoiding overly decorative or casual styles.
  • Harmony in Design: Maintain consistent font usage across your tennis-themed materials. If mixing fonts, ensure they complement each other and enhance the overall design.
  • Readability in Various Formats: Choose fonts that are legible in both print and digital mediums, considering the diverse applications in tennis branding and marketing.
  • Appropriate Sizing: Consider the size of the fonts for different uses, such as large displays for event branding or smaller sizes for apparel and gear.

What are tennis fonts usually used for?

  • Conveying Brand Identity: A well-chosen font can reflect a tennis brand's identity and ethos, making a subtle yet impactful statement.
  • Differentiating Elements: Use variations in font weights to separate different types of information, like player names, event titles, or sponsorship details.
  • Adapting to the Context: Select fonts that align with the specific context of the tennis event or product, whether it's a grand slam tournament or local club merchandise.
  • Creating Visual Impact: Employ different fonts for titles, subtitles, and body text to create a visual hierarchy, guiding viewers' attention across tennis promotional materials.
  • Setting the Theme: The choice of font can help set the thematic tone of tennis-related designs, whether aiming for a modern, classic, or energetic feel.


Choosing the right font for your tennis designs can make a big difference. Think about using Brockies, with its dynamic and sporty look, it really captures the energy of tennis and gives your designs a lively edge. Mudhead is another great option; it's bold and assertive, perfect for making a statement in tennis branding. And don't overlook Aougtron, which brings a modern twist to athletic designs, making your tennis apparel or promotional materials look contemporary and fresh. Believe me, picking the ideal font is not just a small detail; it's what brings your entire tennis-themed project to life.



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