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I’m Hana, a designer & video creator, and to be honest, I am a bit of a font geek.

About Hana

I decided to go the profesional design way back when I was 19 & since then I created tons of designs. But if I’m honest, I think I was a designer my whole life.

I was always the creative one, drew hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures when growing up. And when getting older, I realized, this is what I’m actually really good at. That I’m a creative person with an excellent sense of art, of visual creation. 

See in design, everything is subjective. Everything is about “the feel”. And I know how to connect feelings with purpose. How to make designs effective yet pretty and simply exactly according to clients needs.

I’m a professional in multiple design fields. Started just as a beginner designing logos at my home desk, but over the years working in the field I learned so much more. 

My main designer expertise is: 

  • Logo design, full branding with guidelines & brand story.
  • Webdesign, typography, assets & experience.
  • Video editing, matching sound with screen & creating visuals.
  • Illustrations & vectors.

You’re asking why I‘m writing about fonts? You don’t find fonts fascinating? Well, I do – believe me when I say that fonts and typefaces are incredibly fascinating. They are everywhere around us. Did you know that Helvetica is used in public metro system in New York? And that Futura has actually been on the Moon? ( & still is probably). There is so much about fonts that people just don’t know. And I think that especially true designers should have passion for every aspect of their designs – fonts included. 

Most designers pick a few of their favorite fonts and then they just go with them over and over again in most of their designs. But do you know how much they’re missing out not trying all of the other fonts that exist in this world? 

By picking the right font for example for your website, headings, or logo, you can create a completely different atmosphere. And that’s the power of typefaces. Of the design world. To create a unique feel.

So, people often don’t even know they can use templates to create videos. And I want to change that. You see when I myself discovered video templates, I realized: it saves so much money, effort & most importantly – time. It saves me literally hours! And on top of that, your videos might even look better when using templates crafted by professionals. So yea, I love to create articles, that help people realize that.

Aside from my profesh life, I’m all about health – that’s one of the cores of my life. Being healthy – physically: including good food, nutrients, healthy movement & exercise, but also mentally: including rest, peace of mind & being happy.

And if you want to know something more, I am a digital nomad and long-term traveler, changing places as I please. I fell in love with many countries and parts of the world, especially southeast Asia. 

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